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      I’ll begin with a big “Thank You” to Téa for this assignment. I loved everything about it including recognizing and confronting my embarrassment and shame for having allowed my business to hit bottom. In the end, I couldn’t resist diving into the story and here’s what I learned.

      1. My mailing list is in trouble. It needs to not only grow but be populated with the right people. So far, my newsletter has been my main offering and it’s not that exciting or tempting.

      2. The gateway to my practice so far has been public workshops. Every time I’m out there speaking, giving workshops, and engaging with the public, my list and client base grow.

      3. My client demographics has changed. The age group I’ve been attracting more in this last year is in the ages of 25-45.

      4. Social media matters. Consistency and discipline matter more. The numbers showed that I’m an inconsistent dabbler. I need to find my “social media” voice and develop a strategy that I can adhere to.

      5. My website traffic is in need of resuscitation. I recently redesigned my programs and website and I feel more confident about it. I need to develop strong calls to action and strengthen my blog.

      Marketing is a 365-day discipline. When I was in corporate it was easy because the marketing department did all the leg work. All I had to do was to execute. As a solopreneur I have to wear many hats and keep many balls in the air at the same time. I haven’t been able to do that with my business. I can get lost in the sea of ideas in my head and the multitude of tasks that need to be performed. When I worked full time, I was effective and had great habits. I was also part of a dynamic team and always “on stage.” Working alone has its benefits and I love it but I need to develop new habits. That’s why I love being in the DDR. I’m so looking forward to our planning retreat.

      Ok, so I didn’t stick to the 3 learning stories but I stopped at 5:-)

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      Tea Silvestre

      Great takeaways, Yota. The numbers can be a cruel slap in the face. I can really relate to all your points, especially the last one about keeping all the balls in the air. Onward!

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      I totally understand where you’re coming from. It’s a different beast when you’re doing it alone. Yes!

      The great news is that Tea will help us with planning in November. Unfortunately, this means we have to look now. But, what great insight from your discoveries!

      Yes, social media is a powerful tool. I often forget that myself.

      Great insight.


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