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    1. Goals for my content strategy
    – Dive deeper into the content (add stories) from my complimentary branding course that I put on youtube. This is where my list came from. The content ties into my branding program. Add the reinvention context.
    – Write engagement questions content that focuses on my ideal audience (introverted, multi-talented professional looking to transition fully into entrepreneurship)
    – Write more and getting better at editing myself
    – Build my list to 2500 and get comfy with promoting myself on social media

    Theme – Personal Growth/Reinvention + Branding
    Other themes/metaphors – Health (running & yoga – addressing the whole person branding) Inner Freedom, and Adventure
    Tagline – Strategy + Creative + Fully You

    2. Content Calendar and Business Goals (marked with “>”)
    Business Goals are to promote to my a la cart services (Build, Brand, and Broadcast Programs) and the 6 week Reinvention Program that includes all 3 three services.
    – Jan/Feb: Wrote a reinvention mini series on discovering your brand + self love
    – March: DISCOVERY (business and brand) > Build Legacy Business Program
    – April: STRATEGY (productize/monetize your expertise, find your sweet spot, education content strategy) > Branding Program
    – May: CREATIVE Expression (verbal communication – messaging and voice) > Branding Program
    – June: CREATIVE Expression (visual communication – image and energy/presence) > Branding Program
    – July: CREATIVE Expression (video creation and marketing) > Broadcast Program
    – August: PRESERVERANCE (mindset and endurance topics – running metaphors aka endurance training for entrepreneurs) > Reinvention Program
    – September: INNER FREEDOM (yoga and mindset) > Reinvention Program

    4. How often
    a minimum of 2 times a month, goal is weekly
    do videos outdoors, showing adventure and health

    5. Indicate what you’ll repurpose, if anything.
    the mini workbooks I created for my free branding course to ppt’s on slideshare
    the speeches I gave in the past 2 years to videos and blogs
    the workshops I gave to videos and blogs
    the ebooks I created to videos or webinar topics (still haven’t promoted the ebooks though, thinking about doing it on Facebook to build my list?)

    6. Identify what you need to obtain to succeed (new resources, skills, mindset, etc.)
    stop creating and start promoting
    a better way to manage my mood so I feel like doing more videos
    accountability and support
    stop wanting to redo things

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    Hi Eva,

    I impressed and envious of how much content you already have. Good for you. And, yes, it seems that your goals of stop creating and start promoting is right on.

    I love your concept of personal branding. I think it’s important to know who we are so we can bring our whole self to work with us.That’s when work becomes effortless and meaningful.

    I was a little confused when I started reading through your content calendar. It’s as if 9 months is way too short a time to fit all you have to say.

    I wonder . . . would it be less confusing if you spelled out the two tracks you can work with . . . personal and business instead of bunching them together?


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    Tea Silvestre

    Eva, I’d also like to see specific blog or video titles for each month. When you’re able to get that granular, you can see at a glance if you’ve covered everything and/or whether your topics will make sense.

    In terms of repurposing, be sure to work those into your list of titles for each month so you can see where each item fits.

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    Thanks so much Yota and Tea for the feedback. That is a great idea Yota to separate business and personal. I’ve been struggling with how to organize that. I want to make those as categories for my blog and would love feedback on what words best describe that and the topics (which I put in parenthesis) that I’d organize them in.

    – Personal Growth (mind, body, spirit topics – connect to personal brand??)
    – Brand Discovery (who am I, what is my business??)
    – Brand Expression (includes strategy and creative???)

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    Hi Eva,

    I can empathize with your dilemma. I too see the personal and professional as two sides of the same coin. It’s hard to be creative, motivated, and clear when our personal needs aren’t met.

    So, yes, there is self-care which includes health, peace of mind, and spirit expression. The way one goes about it, I’d think, constitutes the personal brand. To define this, one has to let go of the need for approval and validation from outside sources and be strong enough to say no and forge a new path.

    Vocation springs from how we want to express ourselves in the world and what kind of mark we want to make and, of course, that’s influenced by our beliefs, ideals, values . . . who we are (personal brand).

    I’m thinking out loud now but it seems that the way we brand our professional life / business is directly connected to our personal brand. Strategy, expression, communication, collaborations, . . .everything gets channeled through our personal brand – the foundation and core of all we do.

    It’s big and it’s easy to get lost trying to cover everything and be thorough. Just start where you are – you have all you need and you know what you’re talking about. Just do it and let what you do show you the way.


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    Tea Silvestre

    I like your 3 categories, Eva and think you’ve made an excellent start here on organizing your future thoughts. You may find (later) that you’ll need/want to add others, but for now, I’d say those 3 will cover you just fine.

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    Thanks for the feedback Tea and Yota. Yes, I’ll go with those categories and Yota your response really helped me to figure out where personal branding fits into it all! Thank you!..

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