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    My goals for this year include:

    — Establishing brand and credibility
— Building mailing list
— Setting the foundation to launch workshops
— Developing public speaking venues

    — Developing supportive partnerships
    — Developing and maintaining good habits and discipline

    Theme: Stay True to Yourself and Thrive


    March — Begin where you are

    April — Create Your Happy Place

    May — Nurture Your Dreams
June — Trust Your Process

    July — You’re Enough

    August — Flow with the Seasons

    Formats I’ll be using:


— Blog posts

    — Newsletter
— Social media posts

    — Launching my virtual networking group for people who are not fans of traditional networking: “On Common Ground”

    Plan to publish:

— Bi-weekly blog posts

    — By-weekly newsletter
— Daily social media posts (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest)

    — Guest blog posts

    What I need:

    — Use Mind Mapping to brainstorm and expand topics

    — Set specific days and times for research and writing

    — Continue to develop relationships via social media
— Reach our and actively seek partnerships for blogging

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    Love what you have shared here, Yota. I would recommend making your goals measurable. It will be easier to see if your efforts are paying off.

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    Tea Silvestre

    Great start here, Yota. What I’d like to see is more detail here for each month. What specific blog topics/titles will you write about? And what will the call to action be at the end of each?

    You and I have talked 1:1 about your goals, so I know they’re measurable. (Thanks JoAnn for pointing out the importance.) It’s helpful tho to see which blog or newsletter will promote or support which goal. 🙂

    If you want to add more detail in a response here, I’m happy to give more feedback.

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    I love the monthly topics and your theme. It also seems like such a logical progression too which is so important. Looking forward to hearing the topics and helping you brainstorm them. Some questions that maybe you can answer in your topics
    why the order? how does one build upon the other?
    what’s your definition of thriving and how is it different?
    why is a happy place important to be in before you build anything?
    for example, I’m learning more and more I need to work on my happy place before I do anything else because it affects how I show up in networking events and online. I almost have to fall in love with what I’m doing everyday. So, it doesn’t even matter if you have the best service in town, it’s hard to sell anything if you don’t have that giddy factor about what you do. There have been plenty of people that I really wasn’t 100% clear what they did but I liked them so much, it didn’t matter.

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    Thank you JoAnn. Measurable is good and I’ve been working on it for a while now.
    Téa, I’ll be filling in the details and letting you know.
    Eva, thank you for sharing your experience with finding your happy place. It’s important. It serves as our launch pad:-) I love all your questions and especially the one about the definition of thriving. Stay tuned:-)

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    Hi Téa,

    Thank you for asking me to dig deeper. Here are the details you requested. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

    The monthly topics represent a process. It’s how I work with my clients, how I structure my workshops, and how I see the journey we must take to reconnect with our truth and claim our place.

    The titles will probably change after I complete writing the posts, or not:-)

    March — Begin where you are
: It’s about becoming grounded in the present, accepting what is, looking at it from all angles, and taking care of the basics and loose ends. It’s about building a strong foundation and preparing for what’s to come.

    Possible blog posts: Full Speed Ahead. Not so Fast
    From the ground up

    Call to Action: The Seed Starter Coaching Session

    April — Create Your Happy Place
: Everyone needs their happy place; the place we call home; the place we feel safe in to be who we are; the place where we go to dream, create, prepare, recharge, and grow strong.

    Possible blog posts: A room of her own: What dreams may come
    The door to possibilities: Letting the light in

    Call to Action: Garden Basis

    May — Nurture Your Dreams: Dreaming is good; acting is even better. I do believe that forgetting our dreams and not acting upon them can cause sadness and depression. We dream because we can. Dreams are invitations to what can be. Some dreams are stronger than others. How we listen and what we choose to do with these invitations defines us.

    Possible blog posts: Coming alive again
    Even small steps are better than no steps
    Keeping the dream alive

    Call to Action: In Full Bloom

    June — Trust Your Process
: In a world filled with experts, gurus, and abundant advice for do’s and dont’s, we can become overwhelmed and sink into self-doubt. We’re all similar and unique at the same time. Although our journeys can converge and our ideas meet, no one functions exactly like everyone else. It’s important to trust ourselves, have faith in our lives, and make choices that work for us . .. no approval needed.

    Possible blog posts: Have a little faith: You life needs you
    Who says you don’t know what you’re doing?

    Call to Action: In Full Bloom
    Online Workshop (to be decided)

    July — You’re Enough
: How can we possibly act upon our dreams and desires when we value them according to how they compare to other people’s dreams and accomplishments? I think it’s a woman’s burden to seek approval and compare herself. This I do enough, I have enough, I am enough, always hits a nerve.

    Possible blog posts: Who says you’re not good enough?
    Keeping it real; There’s nothing small about your accomplishments or your life

    Call to Action: Online Workshop (to be decided)

    August — Flow with the Seasons:

 Working hard, getting down on ourselves, and waiting for the next shoe to drop is what we do best. Celebrating our victories – big or small – doesn’t come easy. Living in fear does, living in abundance doesn’t.

    Possible blog posts: Celebrate your harvest: You’ve earned this.
    Change happens but for now . . . enjoy!

    Call to Action: Online Workshop (to be decided)

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