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    As I have a lot happening these days, I wanted to at least start with the 1st part of the assignment – emails I opened.
    1. Trinity Call – Response back from our call Pastor on what steps we need to take.
    2. PayPal: You’ve received a Payment – Money to claim
    3. Jawbone: Your shipment confirmed – Ben waiting to get this
    4. Andrea & Trevor: How to improve arpeggios – They provide lots of great ideas for teaching piano
    5. Kate Bryne: This could make you thousands – Recently got on her list and find her interesting.
    6. Rachel Rambach” Songwriting Challenge Week #4 – A month long challenge for music therapists that I am taking part in. Looking at what I need to do this week.
    7. Kathy Lane: Response back from yesterday’s email
    8. Camille McDaniel, LPC: Building a Cash Practice and Great Webinar – A therapist I sort of follow
    9. John Jantsch – 5 essential skills for digital marketing consultants (Opened as sometimes has useful info)
    10. The Independent Clinician: Get Bonus Private Practice Tips – Another group that supports therapists. This one invited me to follow them on Pinterest. Likely something I should send out, too.
    11. Denise Duffield-Thomas: Double Double Baby – Came across her through another MT_BC who shared a video. Funny, fresh lady so it is fun to see what she is sharing.
    12. JoyTunes Music: NEW Tutorials for Your Students – This is an app I will be using with my students. Helpful stuff for supporting my students especially across the summer months.
    13. Jonathan Fields: Building a living around your creative soul – Opened as his interviews can be fun. No clicking through today as too busy.
    14. Walter & Carolyn: Amazing Grace – Family members
    15. Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton: Continuing the work to make malaria history – Church news on the national level.

    Promise to sign-up for others emails later today.

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    Part 2 has been started. Today I joined three email lists:
    -Maggie Dennison’s My Market Place: I haven’t ready what I received yet but I do have a comment on the verification. Being taken back to your page to sign-up for the newsletter made me question whether or not I was enrolled.
    -Kate Greenway’s Tarot
    -Susan Preston’s Clearly Presentable

    Feedback will come at a later time.

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    Maggie Dennison – I received the “7 Myths” report. In general, I like it. My one suggestion would be to move the listing of myths to AFTER your intro. I was tempted to stop reading after seeing the list. After I read your intro, I was willing to go on.

    Kate Greenway and Susan Preston – Signing up was very easy and appealing. I look forward to seeing what you put out.

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