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    Tea Silvestre

    At Tea’s suggestion, I did make time to ask my site members, via a FB Group post, what three words they might use to describe me or what I do online via SoWrite and the Group.

    I was prepared for at least some negative feedback here, but the results were embarrassingly complimentary. Because I don’t yet know what to properly do with this information (haven’t listened to the Brunch & Learn yet, sorry), I will simply post those results and request your feedback/advice on how to move forward from here. Thanks!

    • Smart, dedicated, innovative.
    • intelligent, strong, caring
    • Over,in,corner
    • writer, leader, initiator
    • intelligent, helpful, innovative, friend
    • true, loyal, helpfu
    • And not around NEAR enough! 😀
    • Robin nailed it. Smart, dedicated, innovative. But if you need a bigger selection, I’ll add “kind” to the mix.
    • Sincere, motivated, inspiring…. It is an honor to know you
    • Smart, quirky, genuine
    • loyal, dedicated, skilled, creative, –and a true friend All of the above, even the quirky “:D
    • thoughtful, helpful, friendly!
    • I totally mean the quirky as a compliment. I adore quirky
    • Jim, I think you can rest easy. You’re well loved. :-
    • Kind, writer, fun
    • intelligent, funny, approachable
    • multi-tasker, mediator, dedicated and (occasionally) humble- just like Wilbur the pig.
    • friendly (even if you’re shy), intelligent, nice
    • Jim, I’ve only just met you so I can’t offer three, but I can definitely say you are caring, and you go the extra mile to help others
    • LOL Carol. Jim, I think you are more critical of yourself than you probably should be and that is why you expected it from us. I don’t just shy away from asking questions like these, I am frozen in fear about them. I applaud your bravery.
    • So Very Talented!! (posted by my wife)
    • I’d say: Organized, motivating, and encouraging
    • Only complaint: Too few of you, Jim…
    • Helpful, humourous, and giving. You can open your eyes now, Jimmy-boy! 😀
    • Helpful, thoughtful, encouragin
    • Oh Jim. Humble is one of the words I would use to describe you. Also genuine and helpful

    This is a LOT of feedback to work with. What next?


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    Tea Silvestre

    First: organize these into buckets. Find the synonyms and group them together. Which three buckets emerge most often? Those will be closest to how you and your brand are perceived.

    Second: what three words do YOU want to be known for? Are these a match with those shared with you by your tribe? If so, good! If not, there may be some adjusting to do.

    Third: What kind of tagline could you write for yourself? For this piece, I recommend you watch the videos. 😉

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    Tea Silvestre

    OK, great, thanks Tea!

    That’s helpful advice and easy to follow. I will absolutely watch the videos next.

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