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    My content strategy for this year is to establish my blogging voice from the personality assessment as the Journey / Return. I understand this style of writing to be about going to find the adventure and bring it home to my readers and target clientele. I would like to make my blogs and content bring in our real personality, background and love for the business with engaging stories.

    I would like the blog to look like a travel scrapbook with quality DSLR photo taken it from the point of a nature and travel lover. The blog will incorporate video, iPhone photos and digital SLR photos. 
    The banner looks like a photo scrapbook and the heading font looks like thick marker. The pictures are surrounded with a fun scrap book style frame. Engaging and fun format.

    I will take notes as I’m traveling to get the feel of the place, so that I can write about the place as we are doing it.

    The over all content theme is travel and photography. It will cover creative techniques,
    inspirations, and the reasons to be out there

    My content strategy includes the following:
    1 email per week (Mark creates this.) This email currently has mostly workshop schedules, but it needs some juicy content. I will include a teaser with links to blog posts and tips.

    Google Hangouts 1x per month
    Content based on the theme for the month
    Pictorial Blogs – bi weekly to show behind the scenes and personality of Mark and Holly and our business
    Written blogs – based on the theme for the month
    Tell Stories with clarity and passion while creating community.
    Accountability is the most important element for me to be successful every month through my blog and mastermind group.
    But I want to leave space for creativity and keep it fresh.

    I feel a really strong need to create a voice that shows the behind the scenes of what we are doing and what the clients are feeling about their experience with us. The subjects that I have chosen will help our target client get a good idea of how we work and what the most important aspects of photography are about. I will repurpose past blog posts to promote upcoming workshops that fit the topics.

    In order to be successful, I need to have a strong accountability to myself to meet these goals. I have the knowledge, and the technology to do it. It is important to keep the schedule I keep but also to allow room for creativity. I will need to block the time off on my calendar to complete this and be accountable to that time.


    2/2/2014, Learning to See Creatively

    3/2/2014, Travel and Photography
    4/6/2014, Photographic Inspirations
    5/5/2014, Composition
    6/2 Content composition and light
    7/7 Client Successes
    8/4/2014, How to relax and unwind with your camera

    Sept. 1 The Perfect Photo Day
10/6 Imagery and Social Media

    11/3 Photography Subjects

    12/6 Holiday Imagery

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    Your workshops are such a gift to the participants because of the way you care about their experience. Let that show in the voice you bring to their emails.

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    Thanks Judy!

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    One other thing I forgot to mention on this topic is I had a friend suggest a different persona in my writing, on the website and in person. She suggested to take on the sort of Indiana Jones or J. Peterman persona, thinking my target audience would relate to that fun and adventurous individual.

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    Tea Silvestre

    I’m thrilled that you want to focus on bringing more Journey/Return to your writing, Holly. Yes, adding some “Indiana Jansen” might be a great way to help with that. But remember, YOUR CLIENTS need to be the focus/main characters in everything you write. So help them see themselves as the adventurer.

    The difference between Indiana Jones and Dorothy (Wizard of Oz) is important. Indiana is more of the Quest character. He sets out on a journey of his own free will. He knows he’s seeking something specific. And he’s got lots of friends along for the ride.

    Dorothy, on the other hand, is a stranger in a strange land. She’s also searching for something, but it’s more of “her way home” than some magic that will help the whole world. (Ruby slippers are for her, not the community.)

    Your clients may have aspects of both of these story types — some will be floundering and unsure of themselves; wondering how in the world to make their equipment work for them. Others may just want you along to guide them to the holy grail of photo ops.

    As you blog and tell your stories, be sure that you help your audience see themselves as the hero — the one who absolutely can achieve their goal.

    Accountability-wise, definitely lean on the DDR gang, your mastermind group, and your buddy (if you’ve got one). And be sure to post your finished work in our FB group. We’ll expect to see it!

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