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    This month was another step up the learning curve of Pinterest for me. Some things had changed since I joined (isn’t that the story of ALL social media and tech these days??) ~ and I wanted to challenge myself to have more of a presence and footprint there.

    The first thing I remembered was how important it is to have my OWN images to share! And they need to be highly relevant to the products and services I’m offering. I knew that before, but this time it really rang home insistently that to be effective the way I want, it’s just basic and critical.

    While I was reaching out to connect, I discovered how much fun it is to just surf images — and waste time if I’m not careful LOL. But I also found great new connections that I can develop further, which was a plus and made it worth while to invest that time. Even 1 or 2 great connections can pay off big time, nurtured properly.

    Finally, it really sucked that I don’t yet seem to have mastered the tech stuff to be able to create the kinds of memes and images I want. I plan to dig deeper and really master this stuff, because for my ideal clients images are one of the key ways I can get across abstract concepts easily. And I want the satisfaction of knowing I CAN master a new skill, especially one with so many potential benefits.

    Overall this was fun. I just need to learn better how to limit my time on Pinterest and use it more effectively, to get better results in future. (As in a specific number of new connections, more followers, and click-thrus to my pages and offers.) That will be my next steps in pinning-for-profit 😉

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    Tea Silvestre

    Nancy – try setting a timer to keep you from falling down the rabbit hole:

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    Being in the photography business, I find Pinterest to be really useful, and really helped to drive traffic to my site. That saying, I’m not as consistent as I should be. What really helped my get a handle on it was this free webinar by Melanie Duncan
    Here’s my Pinterest site:

    I can help you learn to manage your images when you are ready.


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