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    Tea Silvestre

    Name of discovery session: Find Your Marketing Path

    How it aligns with my main offer:
    My main offer is marketing for people who feel lost in the marketing jungle, overwhelmed with all the possibilities, are jumping on the next best idea but end up confused, spinning their wheels and not getting the results they want because of lack of focus. They don’t know where to go next and would benefit from having a guide to get them on the right path and keep them there. (BTW I’m revamping an my business so this is not yet reflected on my website)


    1. Clarity on
    o What she wants to achieve. Asking about her ideal outcome for her business.
    o Where she is now relative to her vision so that we establish the gap between where she is and where she wants to be.
    o Examine the obstacles that are keeping her from realizing her vision

    2. Exploring options for her that would help her move towards her vision so she sees a solution.

    In my conversation with Sharon, I stuck closely to the format that Susanne gave us. It worked well.

    If I were talking to someone outside of the DDR framework in a “non-practice” space, I would throw in some extra questions like “What prompted you to get in touch with me?” That will help focus the conversation around the issues as she sees them.

    One area to improve:
    Sharon suggested including some client stories as proof of how my coaching works. I think that’s a good idea and would include those stories in the ‘talk about results’ part, rather than being generic about what they can expect.

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