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    I worked with Gloria Miele on this project and it was a great help to practice the sales conversation, rather than just write it out.This homework made it clear that we need to take control of the conversation when talking to a perspective client. These questions will help to be a guide to show where the clients can fit into our multi-day photography workshops.

    Usually, when we have a sales conversation, the clients will launch into a number of questions that may or may not convince them that our workshops are what they need. We have a good closing rate when we actually talk to clients on the phone, but it could always be better. One of our challenges is to convert the email conversation into a telephone or skype conversation, so we can show the client who we are, what kind of business we have and the advantages of booking with us. If they are really serious, we find the email looses the personal touch.

    So when we get the call and the client starts to launch into a thousand questions, we say:

    There’s a few questions I’d like to ask you before I address your questions in detail.

    What about this workshop appeals to you?

    Have you ever taken a photography workshop? What was your experience like?

    What group size are you comfortable with?

    What are your main photographic challenges?


What are you looking to learn from a photo workshop?

    Are there other geographic areas that are on your photographic bucket list?

    With these questions, I think we will be more able to address their questions and have a better idea of who they are and what they are looking for and where we can fit.

    Then if they are a good candidate for our workshop, we can say:
    This workshop sounds like a perfect fit for you, we have done several trips like this successfully, and you would enjoy this.

    The challenge of this line of questioning will definitely require practice to get it right. These kind of questions won’t flow easily and once we see the benefit of using this type of sales conversation, it should come easier.

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    Tea Silvestre

    It was cool to see this evolve and will be interesting to find out how it works for you.

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