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    DDR Sales

    TRUST to improve
    I don’t have any external validation/proof. I only have industry standards but not my personal brand proof. I have confidence in my ability to deliver but I have been to shy to ask for testimonials.
    1.I need to work on my courage and ask for testimonials.
    2.Also I need some case studies to show benefit (including metrics).
    Which means I need to ask clients to help me find out what works/doesn’t work.
    3. Communicate my value via #1 & 2 on my website.

    ARTICHOKE (Love it!) Finding out how things work especially in biologic systems. I love the complex relationships— how one thing affects another. I am just a biology nerd. When on vacation I am always trying to learn about the microenvironment. I have fond memories of touring a ski area with a park ranger with the kids in tow learning about porcupines. Did you know they don’t hibernate? Did you know they eat pine bark in the winter? Did you know they often fall out of trees and break bones but move on anyway? I didn’t. It was fascinating. Now when I ski I see evidence of porcupines everywhere.

    Work-ARTICHOKE: explaining biologic principles/events to people. Ex: how you got sick, how best to treat it and why., and what about you/your situation will affect treatment choices. Working collaboratively with patients/clients is a delight. I learn so much from everyone I work with.

    DOORWAY: Human Resources professionals need help making sure their traveling employees are healthy and productive. I am developing an educational program to help small to mid-sized companies educate their employees how to do this. Most small to mid sized companies do not have the HR resources or expertise to produce such programs, but are becoming increasingly aware that they need to do something. These growing companies need an affordable option to do this.

    How will I do this? Harness the power of on-demand education (aka pre-recorded) to assist HR professionals in keeping their employees who travel more productive by staying healthy. This would be a 3-part series available by subscription to companies for their employees. Eventually I would want to expand this into a larger seminar series or even an in-person all day workshop! The all day workshop could include cultural awareness (ie don’t make a gaff) and even some basic self-defense maneuvers. Full day seminar $6500 plus travel expenses.

    Appetizer: Are your traveling employees getting the most out of their workday?
    Info/sales Ebook to explain what is possible and why it is needed. This would be a gated product aimed at HR professionals. ie informational and the cost is email address. Positioning /manifesto booklet?

    Not sure about pricing:

    12 month license: < 200 employees $3000
    3 month license: <200 employees $1500

    More employees- larger fee (based on

    Each section would contain at least one recorded video giving advice, a pdf worksheet with on-line resources. Of course, snappier titles etc will communicate title. This is a prelim draft.
    I am really unsure how to price these items separately. I don’t know if HR personnel will pay for smaller bites. I think that in talking to my current HR client that the bare minimum size is an on demand webinar.
    I am struggling with how to package these pieces and look forward to the wisdom of the group.

    Bite 1: Personal Safety
    How to stay safe, how to figure out what your real risks are, and how to use governmental websites I will approach a state trooper in my speaker’s group to see if he will do video with me.

    Bite 2: Vaccinations for Frequent Travelers ***I get phone calls about this all the time*** may be an opportunity here BUT have to be careful not to practice medicine over the web.
    How to figure out what you need. What to do if you travel at the last minute.
    Why vaccinate at all?

    Bite 3: Staying Healthy/Avoiding Illness
    Common sense strategies that can be easily implemented by even the busiest traveler.

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    I love your bite size pieces. I think they would be manageable information for the traveler.

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    Tea Silvestre

    Well done, Sarah!

    I think you’ve definitely got the bones down here. Would like to see you focus on next steps to building one of these on-demand classes. Could you deliver an in-person 1-hour lunch and learn and record it? You could get feedback from the participants and the HR folks at that time and use for some of your proof (testimonials). You could also use parts for marketing and/or the on-demand piece.

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