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    1. One area of trust.
    My ideal clients don’t trust me yet because they don’t really know me and who I am. They don’t trust my offer because I don’t have any testimonials or references of people whose done the program before. They don’t trust themselves because they know that there’s something missing in their life, but not sure how to correct it. They want to make a major change of their life or business. I’ll address this trust issue by:
    ~writing a blog about why I love yoga and how it’s changed my life.
    ~I’ll gather testimonials from my test project of the 8-Limbed Path to a More Prosperous Business.
    ~Personalize my newsletters on a bi-monthly basis to speak directly to my ideal client about different topics.

    2. I love, love, love, my children. I love watching them grow up to be strong and wise men. I love being their mom, taking care of them, cooking for them and attending their sporting events. I totally love being a part of their lives, being there when they need me to visit colleges, help them with homework or just hang out together playing games. They are truly the light of my life.

    3. I love, love, love working with clients helping find and succeed in fulfilling businesses. I love it when they make an emotional connection to their business, they feel passionate about what they do and are excited to share their work with the world.

    4. My product is the 8-Limbed Path to a More Prosperous Business. It’s for clients who struggle with finding a connection with their business. They struggle with finding a balance with what their passion and making a profit. This product reviews 8 areas of their life and business that they may not have thought about: their personal and business relationships, the union with themselves, their spiritual teachers that has influenced them and how they continue to influence their future, how using breath brings their thoughts to the present moment, reflecting on their life’s purpose, that inner soul nudge that pushes them in the right direction, how to they want to personally grow through knowledge. It’s priced for an introductory price of $149 for 8 personal sessions with 2 scholarships available. I’ll meet with each client for 30 minutes to reflect on the week’s topic and offer some reflection work for that week. I offer e-mail follow up.

    5. Breakdown
    I’ve thought alot about the how to break down this big program into smaller bites while also building trust.
    ~I plan to offer a series of blog posts that support one of the topics:
    Practice, Presence and Possibility
    Finding Sanctuary with Ancient Wisdom
    Soul Coaching
    I Would Most Like to be Remembered for My…
    Making Peace with Stress
    Labor, Love and Life
    Healing Your Relationship with….(Money, writing, marketing…)
    ~I will offer a 3-part live series called Worldless Walk & Talks. We’ll do live hikes in silence and offer a tea chat about topics that pertain to one of the related 8-Limbed Paths.
    ~Possible Live Retreat that’s really 1-day with an optional 2 overnight stay. It will have a yoga, art and visioning component.

    My 8-Limbed Path group program will begin in the fall.

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    Tea Silvestre

    Love what you’ve got here, Stacey. Building trust in all those areas is especially crucial at the beginning — we can’t get traction on building our new thing until we’re able to demonstrate that we’re on the right track. It’s definitely a chicken and egg sort of quandary. Writing blog posts on a regular basis (more often) will go a long way to helping your audience better understand where you’re coming from and what you have to offer. One blog post won’t be enough (but I know you know that). I’d recommend AT LEAST one per week for the next 12 weeks. That’s a lot, but you’ll need to put some focus there if you want to create some online buzz. The live hikes sound beautiful. Please keep us informed as to how they go. Well done!

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    Thanks for the feedback. Yes, I’ll post my new weekly schedule in the systems homework. I love your feedback!

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