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    1. Identify ONE area of TRUST where you need to improve

    Do the clients trust in the quality of the workshop they will receive?
    • Get more testimonials from past clients
    • Work on descriptions of workshops to clearly convey quality and experience
    • Demonstrate to clients our personal ability in getting the shot by showing more examples of our personal portfolios

    2. Describe your “Artichoke” (something you Love-Love-Love) in full, sensory and emotional detail. (One paragraph)

    My dog JJ is new to our family, but has taken us by storm. He is all boy, a large wonderful adventure dog in a little body. He’s got soft white curls all over him and he will gladly wash your face with his tongue or dust off your feet with his feathery tail. He’s the only dog I know that will wrap his paws around you and give you a hug, and sometimes only a doggie hug will do the trick.

    3. Describe something you Love about your work in the same way (One paragraph)

    My favorite time in my business is when I am out on the beach in Big Sur with the wind blowing in my hair and the surf pounding in my ears. As I am helping my client set up his shot for the upcoming sunset, I love showing him the best way to work the settings on his camera so he can create magic just like I do. As he clicks the picture, we both know that he has gotten THE shot.

    4. Choose ONE Doorway (aka Product/Service) that you’d like to focus on increasing sales for. Describe it’s BIG end result. How does it help your Hero (aka Ideal Client) solve their BIG desire/problem? What does it include? How is it priced? How is it delivered?

    The Big Sur Photography Workshop will help our clients realize their dream of spending time in one of the most beautiful places in the world, while capturing professional quality photographs in the secret nooks and crannies that are only known to experienced photo guides. This workshop includes 3 days of one on one instruction and travel guidance up the Big Sur coast to Monterey giving them the creative adventurous experience of their life and the images to match. It is now specially priced at $599, which includes 3 days of professional guidance by the business owners, Mark and Holly Jansen.

    5. Break that BIG Doorway into it at least three SMALL bites. What are the different components? For example, if your thing is a one-day workshop, 3 small bites might look like: an ebook, a 60 min teleclass or webinar on ONE point of your full workshop, a private FB group for discussion. How would you price these smaller bites? Is your BIG product a natural upsell?

    To break down the Big Sur workshop into 3 smaller bites:
    • 60 Minute Video on shooting in Big Sur – $49
    • An photo filled E-book on shooting in Big Sur – $29
    • Private Facebook or Flickr Site for people interested in taking workshops (at no charge) where they can upload pictures and discuss their needs for the trip

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    I think you are onto something here. Testimonials are helpful but since you have such a visual medium, having before/after and your portfolio would create a lot of trust. How do I move from my current skill level to become a better photographer. And can you help me do it?
    I am excited to see what you put together.


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    Are you talking about before and after of the student’s work? That’s interesting, I’ve never thought of that.

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    I agree on the before and after. That is something that would push me to buy since I am very visual.

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    Tea Silvestre

    Fabulous job, Holly!

    You’ve definitely captured the spirit of this project. I’d like to see you work out the details of next steps for creating each of your smaller bites. With a timeline, etc. Start with the smaller, less costly piece and think about how you can test market it.

    Also – does the $599 include housing? How do you manage that? (Just curious)

    I agree with the before/after proof — especially if accompanied by a testimonial. Have the client take their own photo without any help from you first. Then you give tutorial and they take the same shot with new information. A side-by-side visual comparison alongside the verbal testimonial would be a slam dunk.

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