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    Identify ONE area of TRUST where you need to improve (Do they trust YOU/YOUR BIZ? Do they trust your OFFER? Do they trust THEMSELVES? Do YOU trust YOURSELF?) and give 3 ideas (bullet points) for how you’ll address it.

    Trust the offer – because they hear horror stories of sites being hacked

    • Keep a constant watch on their site
    • Immediately notify them of a problem
    • Immediately provide a fix where no action will be required of them

    Describe your “Artichoke” (something you Love-Love-Love) in full, sensory and emotional detail. (One paragraph)

    One thing I love-love-love is touring a winery and vineyard. I enjoy that there are choices on how much you want to include on your tour. One option is the full experience: walk through the vineyards and sample the grapes, tour the wine making area learning about the process. Sampling the different blends and moving to the full VIP experience having a full course meal with wine pairings at level.

    Describe something you Love about your work in the same way (One paragraph)

    Like the wine tour one service I offer and love is the WordPress maintenance package. You start with the basic core service, a walk through your site to plug the holes and gaps you may have. Then you move to ongoing maintenance which is keeping it your site safe. Once your site is secure you move on to the tweaks. Adjusting the little things that bug you or will improve your site. And finally moving on to the full support service which is updates and additions along with continued improvements.

    Choose ONE Doorway (aka Product/Service) that you’d like to focus on increasing sales for. Describe it’s BIG end result. How does it help your Hero (aka Ideal Client) solve their BIG desire/problem? What does it include? How is it priced? How is it delivered?

    The service I would like to concentrate on is Technical Support for Product/Service Launch. The big result will be a functioning selling process including cart and checkout process as well as follow-up. This will allow the client to concentrate on the product themselves and improvements to better sales. Include a strategy session, action and implementation plan as well as full testing of process. Package price delivered via virtually.

    Break that BIG Doorway into it at least three SMALL bites. What are the different components? For example, if your thing is a one-day workshop, 3 small bites might look like: an ebook, a 60 min teleclass or webinar on ONE point of your full workshop, a private FB group for discussion. How would you price these smaller bites? Is your BIG product a natural upsell?

    Big service is VIP technical plan for product/service launch. This would be a complete planning session with an action plan and implementation process.

    • A checklist on steps to take to get your technical pieces in place.
    • A 60-minute strategy session to map all the pieces
    • An action plan for your team or project manager.
    • Testing process, from beginning to end to see if there are any gaps or parts that don’t make sense.
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    I think a case study would be helpful for me. Through the story you would be able to demonstrate how your services would benefit me, the solopreneur with limited tech skills.
    Let’s see what the rest of the DDR membership suggests.

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    Thanks Sarah, that is a great suggestion. Actually I am going through a big launch right now where there are lots of little pieces and we are documenting to that could be the outline for a great case study.

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    Tea Silvestre

    I second Sarah’s suggestion. If you want to build trust around your offer, you need to have proof/testimonials that what you do works and is valuable. A case study is a great way to tell that story. Once you’ve wrapped this project, ask your client if they’d be willing to be in the spotlight. You could put together a blog post or a longer article or “white paper.” If you do this a few times, you might even share some of the details in a teleclass (for which you could charge $).

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