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    Tea Silvestre

    Before I could start my discovery session, I needed a product. In a “get to know you” chat with my partner on this exercise, Maggie Dennison, the idea of getting a couple of retainer clients came out. I decided to focus on this as the product I would offer and threw together some pricing for a couple of packages. (I’ll need to harmonize this with my regular pricing at some point).

    The retainer package sits alongside the regular content writing that I do, allowing clients to save money on written content and have more of my time for strategy. Content I planned to discuss included:

    * Why they might need a content writer.
    * Advantages of a retainer deal: fixes costs, gives a minimum content baseline (though you can go over if necessary), gives time for strategy to work, gives peace of mind knowing content needs are met.
    * Options for the deal

    I figured other content would come out of the actual conversation, as it did.

    In real life, I ask clients to fill out a questionnaire before a call so I can do a bit of research into their business and come up with a few ideas to showcase my expertise. These are freebies, though I don’t say how to execute them.

    I started the call by chatting with Maggie about her vision for the business and her pain points. We had a chat about what using content writing services would look like. Maggie raised some objections over price and what was included which I tried to dispel.

    Feedback from Maggie indicated that I did a good job of presenting the need for the service, but could have dug deeper into some of the objections my client had around cost. I also needed to be a bit less rushed (I was perhaps too conscious of my checklist).

    In the future, I will ask more questions about the objections and find out what’s at the root of them so I can help clients move beyond them.

    The big win for me was that Maggie’s feedback suggested that a service that I often lump in with writing (and charge too little for) could be a separate, main product on my site. It would include helping people identify the 6Ws of their content strategy and schedule content that matches it. I plan to add a web page detailing what’s involved in this service and will then promote that more heavily.

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