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    Tea Silvestre

    Because I am in the middle of re-branding, I think it makes sense to focus on Item #1, Intersections Expressed.

    Status update on items covered under this topic:
    • Biz name – New Era

    • Logo – new logo is fire, with flame leaf emerging from one side. New colors – red, yellow, orange

    • About Page – wrote this as part of Story Lab, feel really good about it

    • Social media profiles – these will need to be updated as we roll out new logo (Christine – or her replacement — will be in charge of this)

    • Tagline – Where “nonprofit” is a tax status, not a business model

    • Website – design & layout – underway!

    • Themes/metaphors – Christine pulled together a list of 43 fire-related words. I will look at her list and visit to add to it if needed.

    • Manifesto – have not yet written one. Will work on that as we launch new site.

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    Tea Silvestre

    It looks like you’re 99% of the way there, Sarah. True? If so, what do you see as your next step? Will you focus on processes for customer service? Or partnerships? And if so, what do you see as resources you need to find/put in place?

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    Tea Silvestre

    What I want to focus on next is to make sure that my new website is brand-saturated — in other words, that the language, photos, etc. all reflect our new brand. After that, I want to start adding online content (webinars, 6-week classes), and ensuring that our customer service systems are in good running order. After that, I might need a vacation! 😉

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