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    Tea Silvestre

    Topic: Discovery Session
    Partner: Yota Schneider
    Prior to today’s call, I didn’t even have a Discovery Session in my arsenal, let alone a script/template for one! After speaking w/Yota about what I do, I was able to put one together, then practice it with her.

    My initial template for our conversation was like this:
    1. What’s the challenge you’re facing right now?
    2. How is it impacting you and your organization?
    3. What have you tried? How did that go?

    Yota suggested I ask more questions, such as,
    Do you write grants? How is that going?
    Does your board participate in fundraising? To what extent?
    What other strategies are you using or have you tried? How well did they work?

    She suggested I listen for what’s behind the words.
    She suggested I say less, provide space for them to go deeper.

    Doing this exercise was SUPER helpful! Yota & I talked about some other things, too, which were also super useful. This was an awesome homework assignment! 

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