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    A little background is likely needed for this to make sense. Session Café is a site geared towards music therapists working with older adults. Members are able to access session planning materials. For no fee, people receive a weekly “Sip” email that has a portion in the email and the remainder in the blog post. In general:
    wk 1 and 3 – Fun treat and simple idea
    Wk 2 – a cool resource
    Wk 4 – summary of what has been added to the members section along with some fun info

    The session plans themselves are ones from my own sessions. Other than they are posted one per week (after I have used them) the only constraint I have added is sharing an intergenerational session plan every two months.

    Webinars are open to all and posted on the site. The materials become private after a week and the support materials are for members only.

    I am sharing only the plans for the Session Café weekly sips as the sessions themselves are not tied other than to be announced.

    6th – Green Treats for St. Patrick’s, a couple of my most requested St. Pat songs.
    13th – 13 things that can boost your sessions (This one may become the base for a future webinar series in the fall. So this is to see what type of response I receive.)
    20th – Spring treats, spring song resources
    27th – summary of what audio tracks were added; session plan list for the month

    April (National Humor Month)
    3rd: Egg-actly as you like it – a couple egg dishes and a favorite shaky egg activity
    10th: Silly resources (April is humor month)
    17th: It’s all in the timing – relating a comedians timing to how we time our sessions (announce rates increasing in May so join now)
    24th – summary per March (announce rates increasing in May so join now)

    May (Drum month) Begin advertising for drum webinar to be held in April
    1st: Low cost drum (Something to make)
    8th: My favorite Drum Resources (update of a previous post on Music Sparks)
    15th: Coffee Shop Inspiration (why treating yourself can support your session work)
    22nd: Shaking loose some new ideas (Shakers and how I shake ideas from my brain)
    29th: summary

    June (Gifts from the Garden Month)
    4th: Webinar part 1 (Interview an expert on how to select a good instrument for use in sessions)
    5th: Flowers as food
    11th: Webinar part 2 (Discussion on care, cleaning/infection control)
    12th: Pick a bunch (colorful ideas for sessions)
    18th: Webinar part 3 (Uses in therapy session)
    19th: Flower drinks/teas (bringing the unexpected to sessions)
    26th: summary. Remind able to access webinar as member

    3rd: Cool drinks
    10th: resources for cool tunes
    17th: Planning to end (exit strategies for therapy or business)
    24th: Planning to begin (making plans for starting new clients)
    (There will be members only “session” posts on hello songs and goodbye songs during the month)
    31st: summary

    August – For family reasons, I’m holding off a couple months on planning August on.

    Many of these items are used in smaller bits or related ways through my Music Sparks posts.

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    I like your general plan for weeks which you can expand upon, but know that the 1 and 3 week will be within the fun and simple category.

    I like your ‘sip’ email. i have my email service set up to deliver new blog posts to the list. I’ve found this has an unpredictable delay. I’ve signed up myself to see what happens and I’ve almost forgotten what the blog post was about when I get it in my email!

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    Tea Silvestre

    This is great plan and resource. Looks ambitious and so relevant for your target market. Do only your members get these emails or do you have a broader list that gets some but not others? Just curious.

    Makes me want to go find my egg shaker….

    I keep meaning to introduce you to Beth Amine, a CA artist who does dance programs with the elderly. Gotta make sure we’re friends on FB.

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    I have more than just members getting the emails. Currently there are 55 on the Session Cafe list. There are as of today 477 receiving a twice a month email from my Music Sparks (main) website. From time to time I invite people from that list to check out Session Cafe if they are in eldercare.

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    Tea Silvestre

    Great job, JoAnn. It looks like you’ve got some solid topics. How are you feeling about execution? Are you able to stick to an implementation schedule like this? Will you need anything to keep you accountable and moving forward?

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    I used to post on Music Sparks 3 times a month while sending out 2 newsletters a month. Since planning for Session Cafe, I’ve gradually backed down posts to one a week while continuing the twice a month newsletters. There are over 200 post there so I have enough I can share.

    Deadlines are fairly motivating for me so I feel this is doable.The only stretch is the 13 things for my March post. I’m reaching out to some other music therapy business owners to share some tips. In return they will get links back to their sites (and in some cases products).

    The webinar may be a stretch if some potential things happen in our family life, but I feel I’ll cross that bridge when I know more and keep focused on the goal. There were 32 subscribers to the Session Cafe emails at the end of December. As of this moment, there are 56. Only one person has unsubscribed. My average open rate is 68% with a click through of 14%. I’m expecting the open rate to drop but I’d like to get more click throughs happening. This is a learning process for me.

    While I have no proof, I think leading my newsletters and posts with a story is helping keep the readership up.

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