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    Tea Silvestre

    My clients want to know how to attract prospects with content, how to promote themselves on social media, how to create content on a budget. They also want to learn about social media, analytics, tools and the like that support their business strategy. They usually make decisions partly based on the content they have already seen that I have published, partly on a conversation or email interaction with me.

    Usually, they like DFY though some like a bit of creative input. Generally, most of the writing is left to me. They are looking for in-depth, well-researched content that makes them look good.

    Medium to long articles, with screenshots, such as interviews, reviews and tutorials showcase my best work. I am most comfortable with writing, so moving into slideshows could be a good option. I am not very comfortable with video.

    I have previously included content helping them to hire and work with writers, including an ebook. Ideal content for me would be a mix of shopping for a writer content, then looking at the business issues they face in getting more visibility etc.

    One big advantage I have is that I publish work widely online so I am not dependent on my own blog for promotion. I could include more case studies on how I have worked with clients, as well as stories.

    Business Goals

    To create an online presence on my site and elsewhere, including LinkedIn, to enable prospective clients to find examples of my work (and see the kind of work I could do for them).
    To persuade them to hire me as an expert writer and blogger.

    I will use blog posts as my starting point because this is the best way to showcase my writing skills to prospective clients.

    Topics will support my revenue goals by raising awareness among prospective clients resulting in new business gained.

    I will repurpose some of the content on Slideshare to reach more visual people and LinkedIn which is where the people I want to hire me and with the budget to pay for good writing hang out.

    To succeed, I’ll need to apply the discipline I use for client work to my own business.

    Each month there will be 2-3 posts for CrazyEgg on my core topics of social media, analytics, marketing, conversion optimization etc.

    There will also be 1 post on my blog on a topic yet to be decided via the Word Carnival theme.

    Other content for my blog will be one post a month, with possible titles as follows.

    What Else Can Your Writer Do
    5 Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Writer
    First Steps with Spreaker (how to repurpose the content your writer creates for you)
    What a Pro Writer Can Do for You
    How My Dictation Software Makes me a Better Writer
    Is Self-Publishing a Good Option for Your Business?
    Are You Using Social Media Tools in Your Business?
    Planning to Promote: Why You Need Good Writing
    How to Get More Interaction on LinkedIn (promoting hiring a writer for your LI blog)
    Quick Ways to Market Your Business
    Questions Client Ask (series covering issues like SEO, search rank, writer rates etc)
    How to Network to Promote Your Business
    Why I Can’t Do Your Writing Job Today
    Behind the Scenes at SharonHH: Scrivener
    Social Media: Beyond the Numbers

    I will repurpose some of my older posts from both and related to marketing, using them either for LI or Slideshare or both.

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