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    Tea Silvestre

    OK, not sure I have done this right. I started with some of my best clients and tried to see what they had in common and what I’d tweak about them to make them ideal. Then I researched them on LinkedIn to see what they shared, what groups they belonged to, what companies they followed and so on. I also had a look at people not connected to me who’d checked out my LI profile recently. Putting that together, here’s what I came up with:

    2. Top prospectors in the past week included the CEO of an ecommerce agency, a digital marketing manager, and a UX designer. Most of the people I work with regularly are marketers who understand content marketing and don’t want to do it in a sleazy way.

    3. What my ideal clients most want is professional content, enabling them to make a splash on their key topics of marketing, social media and technology. This is supported by the links they share, the groups they belong too and the comments they make. They mostly need DFY, with a helping of DWY (some are pretty collaborative)

    4. Most are active on social media, split between those who are mainly on LI and those on Twitter. They belong to professional associations and groups. They attend and speak at conferences on their industry topics.

    5. Online: connect via LinkedIn groups, LI blogs (the few articles I have there have resulted in leads already), Twitter, email list

    6 Offline: speaking engagements, training, though I don’t get out much

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