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    My Target Client

    Smart, well-educated, professional women, ages 40-65, who focused on their careers at an early age to the exclusion of passion and joy. They arrive at the top of their career ladder only to discover either the ladder is against the wrong wall or they have paid too heavy of a price to get there and need to do things differently.. They make a promise to live more fully, work less, connect with friends and community, and give themselves permission to live more from joy. But, just knowing this is not enough. It is so easy to default back into the career and work focus because that is what they know so well. Their joy muscle is not developed, and they do not know how to follow and protect their joy center.

    – Women Lawyers
    – Women Business Owners
    – Women Realtors
    – Women in Higher Education
    – Other women’s professional associations – CPAs, Engineers.

    3.Their hungers.

    – Discover or remember what brings them joy and meaning to life
    – Develop a process/system to stay conscious about their life and what is important
    – Connect with other like-minded women and have a community for support and sharing but because they are so career focused, a lot of their socializing is around business/networking groups and events
    – Quality retreats and vacations where they can unwind quickly and mutli-task, with exercise, socializing and learning all in one experience

    4. Their landscape/ecosystem

    – Professional Women’s Organizations
    – High-End Destination Spas
    – Research and science based books and speakers – e.g. Brene Brown, Christiane Northrup, Andrew Weil, Jennifer Louden
    – NY Times, Huffington Post
    – House of Cards, Orange Is the New Black
    – Rebirth books and movies – Wild, 100 Foot Journey, Chef

    5. Identify your top 3 online AND 3 offline locations for connecting to your Top Prospectors.

    Online: Facebook to see what they like and post about; check out websites at destination resorts to see the programs they offer; my weekly newsletter to send them resources in their landscape

    Offline: Join professional women’s groups and attend meetings (currently belong to NAWBO in Las Vegas and the Southern Nevada Assoc. of Women Attys); in person meetings with my local fans and clients to stay in touch with them; read books, see movies, watch TV shows they are recommending; probe my Mastermind-like group of women I see bi-monthly

    6. Outline your weekly strategy for researching/connecting (time spent, day(s), etc.)

    I am currently setting aside Mondays and Tuesday mornings to work on the business – for marketing & business building time. I will allocate two hours each week to spend in the following areas:

    – Create a list of local women to keep connecting with regularly and set up one meeting a week
    – Continue to offer virtual coffee dates to my database every few months
    – Check out the top destination spas (Miraval, Canyon Ranch) to see what kind of self-discovery programs they offer
    – Look for professional women’s organizations to contact about speaking to them – I had very good luck doing this the past few months and am less afraid of the cold-calling process because I know they are
    my target market
    – Decide which meetings to attend for NAWBO and SNAWA in the upcoming months

    In addition, I will use my free time to watch the movies and shows I know they will be watching and read the books they are interested in. This is easy because I am one of them, so these are my natural interests.

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