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    Tea Silvestre

    Hungers: She has a small biz but might also work at a regular job (with which she feels frustrated). She really wants to expand her business which is related to the healing arts:coaching/artistic/spa/massage/therapy. She has intuitive, creative, spiritual gifts (she is highly sensitive) and she hungers to share and express those through her business. Hence her deep desire to expand that and also earn a good living doing so. She hungers for practical wisdom as to how to make that happen and at the same time respect her own rhythms, needs and to be in integrity with herself (not to sell her soul). She also hungers for solid feedback to build confidence and to feel part of a community. She yearns for direction to grow her creative and intuitive gifts and learn how to share them with others. She needs to learn how to monetize her gifts so that she can support herself and her family.
    Ecosystem: She is likely a mom (perhaps a single mom) and if not, she is people oriented and she is a giver. She goes to yoga or related classes or milieux. She is interested in the healing arts and artistic pursuits, self-expression, women’s groups and so she can often be found at those kinds of centres.
    Online: Facebook groups related to the above interests, Courses related to the same. She follows people like Oprah, Elizabeth Gilbert, Pemo Chodron, groups related to highly sensitive women.
    Offline: yoga centers, women’s meetups, spiritual development meetups, artistic pursuits.
    Weekly strategy: I will spend 15-30 minutes per day looking at Social media profiles of those I’m already connected with. I will also connect with people within FB groups I’m already a member of and build relationships.

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