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    Tea Silvestre

    Right now I feel like I am making quite a bit of this up:
    Their hungers include: learning on a flexible schedule as they either work shift work or have busy family lives. They love the convenience of online learning and phone or skype 1:1 appointments. They are educated professionals and some credentials are important to them when looking for who they trust and want to work with.
    Their landscape includes working in a health care facility.They have families with kids in the tween, teen years. They live on the West Coast. If they are in Canada they all belong to a union and a health professional college.
    My top places to connect with them:
    Offline: 1. My health authority. 2. Nursing conferences 3.?
    Online: So far I don’t have any specific leads on this,so my weekly strategy for now is to meet up and chat/survey the nurses and health professionals that I already know and come in contact with on a daily basis. My goal is to have one conversation per week until I have surveyed at least 10(to start) in hopes that I will learn from them other places that I can begin to connect with my peeps.
    This has been a really great assignment for me as I realize just how sketchy my info is at the moment. I look forward to doing some more sleuthing and hearing what others are doing and discovering.

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    You might check on some Tweet Chats. #HCLDR meets on Tuesday nights. There are many nurses and doctors who participate in that one. It might help you connect with a few to get other leads.

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    Get on Twitter. There are lots of nurses there. The ones I follow are mixed between various lists. If you search #nurse you’ll get some starter links. Some of these people likely have lists of nurses you can view.

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