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    Tea Silvestre

    I’ll take the plunge and post first here.
    Twitter has been a challenge for me from day one, since I signed up. My “Twitter Handle” is still wrong, should’ve been just my name all along. I decided to hold off on fixing that until I was sure I would continue there.
    For some reason, I do gather a few new followers every week. Most are good follows, being writers who might be potential clients in the long run. I have NO idea why these people decide to follow me there.
    So, what I did for this exercise was to make a point of “meeting” each new follower. I asked questions, engaged in conversations using the @Reply system, rather than the stupid Direct Messages method. Overall, the response was excellent. I even made a couple of new “friends” — people I seem to have connected with beyond a simple “hey there.” One of those came over and joined SoWrite’s FB group to continue the conversation there. That was cool.
    I use Twitter Lists and have learned more about Hashtags. Obviously without some kind of filter system, Twitter is mostly useless for people like me who have no desire to watch my Feed for hours on end. I don’t spam content links anymore, having been on the receiving end of those and noticing how annoying it is.
    Still, I’m MUCH more comfortable on FB. For instance, I still don’t understand how one “shares” pictures on Twitter, since they don’t seem to show up very well in a feed. To my eye, it’s also very difficult to get a circle of people to end up sharing and commenting-on a Twitter post, if that’s even possible without @mentioning every one of them each time. Call me clueless.
    On the other hand, I am seeing other people include me in their #FF posts, and am starting to participate in that concept, for whatever it’s worth. I have made a couple of new connections that way, too. Tentatively, anyway.
    I’m ok with the idea of 10 Minutes a Day for Twitter. That small amount of time would NEVER work for what I’m doing via FB, but it seems ok for Twitter, at least for now. Of the people I follow, it looks like a LOT of them are using oen of the Twitter automation programs, even tho I often see advice to avoid doing that. I’m on the fence, for now.
    I have enough followers to gain some traction there, so will stick with some sort of Twitter program for the near future. I enjoyed doing something different there, and learned some good lessons in the process — so, thanks for that! 🙂

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    Tea Silvestre

    Jim, first of all, what is your Twitter name? I’m @gloriamiele. Let’s connect there!

    I love Twitter. I HATE automated messages and looking at someone’s feed and seeing posts every 10 minutes. I guess that’s the game. I also prefer the relationship building and have definitely made some great contacts. 10 minutes can definitely be enough too. Enjoy!

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    Tea Silvestre

    Jim – we could talk for ages about Twitter (or any of the other social media channels) and best practices vs. common practices. The thing to start with is: Where are my Ideal Clients? Where are the people I want to connect with? If they’re on Twitter, then it makes sense to spend some time there on a regular basis. If not, then yes – put your energy into Facebook. The thing I know about Twitter is that nearly all journalists and publishers are users. So, if you need to connect with them, that might be reason enough. Let us know what you decide to do going forward.

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