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    I appreciate the nudge to do this project which I preferred to keep hidden under the covers until now. I really wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to get all the information together to pull this off.

    I recently upgraded my accounting system and did not take the time to really dive into it, so things were in sort of a mess. I really didn’t want to do it at the beginning of next year when it was time to look at taxes, so it’s been nagging at me for quite awhile and this was the perfect reason to “just do it”.

    As I started looking at the numbers, especially the website statistics, it made me feel really good about the work that I have been doing. All of a sudden, all of the work is starting to pay off and we are very excited about that. We realize that we get to (not have to) keep going and keep moving forward. That’s a big woo hoo!

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    Tea Silvestre

    Woo Hoo Holly! #SpreadsheetSunday even included a fun girls’ movie interlude, so that was inspiring too. Keep up the good work. Your pictures and services are top notch, so I’m not surprised they are getting the attention they deserve as you’re getting them out there.

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    Congratulations Holly! You’re an inspiration. Love the #SpreadsheetSunday term by the way:-)

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    that’s so inspiring Holly that you’re seeing results from all your blogging and marketing. Looking at analytics can make you feel good…lol. ou’re inspiring me.

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    You’re new website is gorgeous! So glad it’s fulfilling it’s expectations. Great job!

    I’m a little anxious about turning in this assignment, too. I’m going to do it. UGH!


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