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    I focused on Google+ to try to wrap my head around this growing media. My personal profile is Right now I am still struggling to understand the ins and outs. I am frustrated too because unlike the other networks this one still baffles me.

    I am starting to build my circles and have joined a group for resources about G+. I have gotten much information from the group including some good reading materials about using G+.

    I have been slacking on my sharing and liking as I struggled on whether to continue or not. I did decide to use the 10 day plan to create a 30 day plan and give it that much time. So basically I am starting the exercise over now that I have my head wrapped around it a tad bit more.

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    Hi Lee:
    I’m feeling the same way about Google+. Everyone is saying it’s the way to go, and I just don’t get it yet. I think I will continue to do my 10 minutes a day and see where it goes by the end of the month. I’ll check in with you and see how it’s going!

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    Tea Silvestre

    Not sure that’s where my target market is, but I am sure that your postings will do better in search rankings with that whole Google thing behind it. Good luck!

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    @Holly, It’s good to know that I am not the only flounderer there. and I don’t think we are the minority.

    @Thanks Gloria. My target market is slowly venturing there to it is best that I dig in and learn it.

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    Hi Lee,

    I found Google+ baffling when I first started out with it a couple of years or so ago – I read Guy Kawasaki’s What the Plus! and found that useful and inspiring, but I still couldn’t really get to grips with G+ when I tried using it myself. What’s changed it for me from a business perspective with this DDR task is that I’ve realized my target are there in huge numbers – and most probably they’ve been there right from the beginning but I didn’t see them, and I missed a big opportunity. Kicking myself now 🙂

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    Tea Silvestre

    Really glad to hear you’re going to take this experiment to the next level with a 30-day test. I’d LOVE to read a blog post on how it turns out for you.

    As Gloria points out, at the very least, G+ helps us with search rankings. So it won’t be a total wash if it doesn’t pan out as you’d hoped.

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