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    After assessing my brand I realized that there are holes in the message portion and some adjustments need made to the look.
    My brand is not consistent across the board. While I am trying to be fun and informative it was just not coming together as I hoped. Also, my brand was very vague. I am now a personal brand but was still not conveying what my specialty is.

    Feedback from my peeps:
    3-words: funny, helpful, knowledgeable, resourceful
    1-emotion: soothing or relief, the main feeling was the reliability
    1-quality: capable or resourceful

    One area to clarify and that I will be working on:
    I’m going to work on my signature dish. I originally was concentrating on technology but it was not defined enough so I will be putting out there that I love to work in WordPress and you should too. I need to start building my new brand with this foundation in mind.

    Steps I need to take:

    1. Define my 3-words to act as my guideline and work them into the emotion and quality aspects.
    2. My logo will be changed to incorporate my personal brand and my theme. I am looking into a caricature or cartoon version of me.
    3. Change my tagline to “Working Smarter in WordPress”
    4. Collect new testimonials for those who answered the survey then work on an across the board way to gather.
    5. Work on my DoneWithYou package to concentrate on the coaching service.
    6. Change social profiles to reflect all of the above starting with FB and Twitter where I am most active.

    I am working on a blog post with all the new and excited steps I have taken to define my brand. The descriptive words were the kicker to make this fun and easy.


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    Great steps, Lee! I’m working on my coaching services as well. If your tagline is Working Smarter in WordPress, what do you envision as a caricature? It could be really fun.

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    Tea Silvestre

    Nice job! Can’t wait to hear the update on how this is going for you.

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