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    Tea Silvestre

    I chose to add meetings with myself on Tuesday and Friday Morning – since those are my days “off” from my part time job at Artella and I liked having more than one so that I could evaluate my goals.

    I decided to use those meetings in the following way ~ on Tuesdays: I would work on my plan for the week, compare it to my highest/lowest goals for the month. And break things down into doable steps. On Fridays: I will evaluate what has and has not worked for the week and what I would like to accomplish over the weekend and the beginning of next week.

    *Evaluate upcoming events/projects
    *Make list of people to contact that week
    *List of small step projects for the week to fit in & keep forward momentum in creating an offering
    *Blog Writing/Web Content Progress/Evaluate Publication Schedule/Editorial Calendar
    *What are the money items

    *Evaluate Progress
    *Make list of what want to do, if anything over the weekend
    *Make list of “to dos” for next week
    *Make note of adjustments realizations from this week

    The system that I decided to focus on the last two weeks was my use of my To-Do List. When I first joined the DDR there was a post about the Bullet Journal,, I implemented it into managing the work I do for Artella, Schooling, and my Charity work. I for some reason did not include my to-do’s for Story Raven. For the last two weeks I have included daily & weekly to-dos, and have been labeling the posts that relate to bringing in income either now or in the future with $$ signs. I have also included a page with highest and minimum goals to meet conditions of satisfaction for the month so that I can have a constant visual reminder of where I want to be going.

    This has shifted my focus ~ so that at the very least, I touch my business projects for a minimum of 45 minutes a day. I know that is a small step but it feels like continuing with this focus will help to bring about the big changes that I am trying to create one step at a time!

    I have also added a Gratitude list section and a Ta-Da list where I can recognize myself for all of those extra things that get squeezed into a day and you wonder where a day went. I added these to help keep me positive and not to be discouraged that things are taking longer than I would like them to!

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    Tea Silvestre

    Great job, Carmen! My only question for you is how/when will you work on the longer term, more strategic things? What you’ve outlined here is awesome for short-term and keeping things from falling through the cracks. Is there some time you can set aside once or twice per month to just think about longer term stuff?

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      Tea Silvestre

      I am hoping to add that in at the beginning and end of each month ~ I have created a space in my Journal for Goal Setting both near and long term. And I am hoping to establish a year in view type calendar within the next few weeks.

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