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    Tea Silvestre

    My big goals this year are to establish my new brand, Stronger Leader, with a new web site and logo, coaching and training programs and a book. To support these goals, my plan is to write on a topic a month that will also serve as material for the book. I have a half-day Stronger Leader training developed and ready to roll. I could pull together something longer or shorter in a flash. My goal is to send 1-2 emails a month and write 1-2 blog posts a month on each topic.

    Feb – Blog post about a retreat I facilitated introducing the Stronger Leader training program.
    March – Stronger Leader Launch –Write about the benefits of a strengths-based approach. Write up my top 5 strengths and add to my About page. Make a special offer for strengths assessment and 3-minute discovery session for $97.
    April – Emotional Intelligence and leadership – finish blog post, “What my mother taught me about EI””; Authentic leadership? share recording of EI podcast.
    May – creativity and leadership – Find Your Outlet – post on creative expression and leadership, finding your outlet. Share painting. Flow workshop??
    June – Change management and leadership – build on daughter’s high school graduation. Post on stages of change that can help leaders navigate tricky waters.
    July – Conflict resolution and leadership (you know, fireworks). Blog post on effective supervision, positive communication.
    August –Coaching and Leadership – back to school. Importance of coaching when you’re in a leadership role. Transition into “back to school” coaching and training package. Maybe group coaching?
    September – Training and effective presentation skills and leadership – professional development as a priority. Offer coaching package and some offer around training/retreat facilitation
    October – Evaluation and Leadership – how to do effective staff evaluations. What to avoid. Perils.
    November – Building your team.
    December – Gratitude and planning

    Now to get ‘er done!!

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    I like your basic plan to build around a book. Working on the here and now, but knowing how everything will come together at the finish.

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    Tea Silvestre

    Kudos for going the extra mile and planning out your full year! And blogging a book is a great way to feed two birds with one scone.

    Would love to see you incorporate speaking gigs into this mix — especially as I know you do quite a bit of this (and speaking is absolutely part of a content strategy).

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    love your goals for the year and it seems you are on track with a great plan. is the strengths based approach the main differentiator of you and your programs, would love to hear more.

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