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    Tea Silvestre

    1. Assess your current branding and find out how others perceive you – I collected 15 responses to the 3-question survey from people in my local business community who have known me for 3-5 years. The most common responses and themes were knowledgeable, intelligent, motivational, professional, confident, , leadership, vibrant dynamic caring energy, happy/joyful
    2. Pick one area of your braining to improve and clarify – logo and tag line for Stronger Leader brand/program
    3. Identify what you need to make that happen (outline steps)
    a. Finalize logo with graphic designer– I’ve gotten good feedback from group and will get final next week
    b. Continue to brainstorm tag lines using info from questionnaires
    c. Put words with logo and post to web site and FB page
    4. Take action and report to group – much of my action and progress is described above. But here are some ideas for tag lines. I’ll do a more formal posting to group for feedback.
    Bringing out the best in leaders and their teams
    Engaging training for stronger leaders
    Training and coaching stronger, confident leaders
    Stronger, confident, engaged
    Motivation, confidence, strengths
    Training with a twist (this phrase came to me thinking about the strengths approach and fun. Looked it up and found a web site for leadership training that has virtually the same words I’m using. Hmm)

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    How about “Coaching Towards Strong Confidant Leaders”? I like the “Strong confidant leaders” part.

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      Tea Silvestre

      Coaching and Training Strong, Confident Leaders

      I like it! Thanks, Holly!

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    Tea Silvestre

    Yep. I zeroed in on Training and coaching stronger, confident leaders, too.

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    Tea Silvestre

    Ok, so last night I was looking at Cheri Ruskus’ son’s rock stacking art and got super excited about using his images in my logo and possibly incorporating rock stacking as a team building exercise. Rocks are strong, right?? I’m pretty excited. Check out to see the images.

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