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    Here’s my assignment for the Summer/Fall Marketing Calendar. I’m so excited to have alot of great events that will lead up to my fall programming.

    Summer Meetup Series:
    Wordless Walk + Talks which are meditative walks followed by a conversation where I’ll be offering talking points to stimulate a conversation about the topic.
    June’s Topic: “It’s all about the Breath”
    July’s Topic: “Hanging onto Happiness”
    August’s Topic: “Taking it to the Streets”

    September RE-Treat:
    September 4-7
    Live overnight event about stepping back to listen to what you want and formulate a plan to get there. It includes lodging, guest speakers and yoga teachers, all the food, ceremonies and art project. I just finished the schedule and speakers.

    The 8-Limbed Path to a Profitable Business:
    Live Program: 9/16-11/4
    Virtual program: 10/7-11/25

    Here’s my outline. Thank you for any feedback.


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    Tea Silvestre

    This is a good start, Stacey. I think I’d like to see you incorporate more in-person networking and more specifics for your online “strategies.”

    Here’s what I mean – social media means what? Posting a link to your blog posts? Or interacting in private groups? Or both? Which channels? How often? It’s hard to give you feedback without seeing the specifics.

    I think you also may want to aim for some speaking gigs, some free teleclasses or webinars and some paid advertising to support all of these (Facebook is good). Lead generation can’t live on blog posts and newsletters alone. There will need to be more opportunities for you to interact with your potential clients in a live environment — both online and off.

    We can look at this again during our 1-on-1.

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    These are great points, Tea. Thank you so much for the feedback. You’re right. I need to be more specific for the social media campaign. Teleclasses and webinars maybe a good idea, too. Let me work on my sales funnel and I’ll get back with more specifics. Thanks again!

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