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    Tea Silvestre

    Shannon’s Test Kitchen HW

    Your Test Kitchen Mission:
    1. Brainstorm at least two villains for each quadrant(Internal/External and Conscious/Unconscious).

    INTERNAL (1): The Great Delegation Debate

    My ideal client, “Robin Ophelia,” feels guilty or has difficulty justifying the cost of hiring a professional writer because she believes it’s a task that she should be able handle herself and/or delegate internally.

    Internal (2): Driven to Distraction

    Robin is aware that she needs professional copywriting assistance, but it’s just of many items on her ever-growing to-do list.

    External (1): Economize/Conserve

    Even if business is booming, Robin knows she needs to make sound financial decisions to keep the party going. This means maximizing her existing resources and utilizing the employees she already has on her payroll whenever possible.

    External (2):

    Unconscious (1): i txt, there4 i rite

    Many people do not see the value in hiring a professional if the service in question entails an activity they can PHYSICALLY perform without breaking the law, compromising the safety of the general public, or completing extensive training beforehand. For example, even the pluckiest business owner cannot just jump in a plane and hit the open airways or pop into a hospital and begin performing open heart surgery without first fulfilling the proper training and licensing requisites.

    Unconscious (2): Uncharted Territory – the Fear of the Unfamiliar

    If a business owner has never worked with a freelancer/independent contractor, she may be unfamiliar with protocol, pricing, and other related issues. Since we tend to gravitate toward what we know, convincing a client to go outside her comfort zone and hire a freelance writer may present a challenge. Establishing authority and clearly outlining all procedures is critical, as any uncertainty/ambiguity may breed hesitation and mistrust.

    Conscious (1): Overwhelmed into Impotence

    Admitting that you have a problem may be the first step, but resolution requires action. Once Robin has come to the realization that she should hire a professional writer, she still must contend with the daunting task of finding the RIGHT writer. When faced with the seemingly endless options available, this undertaking can quickly begin to feel as overwhelming as the problem itself, so she ends up taking no action.

    Conscious (2): SCAM . . . it’s what’s for dinner

    In addition to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of options, it can be difficult to distinguish between legitmate service providers and imposters when you’re looking for professional assistance in the Wild West of the World Wide Web. Once you’ve founds some service providers who don’t appear to be trying to steal your identity or worldly possessions, you still need to evaluate whether that person or organization possesses the right blend of expertise, communication skills, and vision to help you achieve YOUR unique business objectives. It’s taken me years to find reputable service providers and resources that I can trust and recommend to others. In many cases, I only discovered them through trial-and-error, an approach that often cost me time and money, neither of which I could really spare.

    Trial, Error, and the Cost of Failure

    As a small business owner, Robin may not have the marketing budget to hire another professional to assist her if she ends up not being happy with the outcome of her first attempt.

    1. Pick ONE that would be the best for you to tackle right now.

    Unconscious (2): Uncharted Territory – the Fear of the Unfamiliar

    The Ambiguous Adversary

    I chose “Uncharted Territory – the Fear of the Unfamiliar” as my focus because I often encounter clients who have never worked with a freelance writer before. Some don’t completely understand what I do or are uncertain about how working with a freelancer differs from an employee. Others may still be unfamiliar with content marketing and what it entails and don’t completely understand its value. Establishing trust and clearly explaining my services and protocol at every juncture is critical. I need to establish myself as an authority and outline all my procedures in writing. Some documentation that I need to update/create to defeat this villain includes:

    * Contracts – Recently revised.
    * Client Questionnaires – Need to update and upload to website.
    * Website Blog – I need to get my own blog up and running like yesterday.
    * Working with Me Page – add a page to my site outlining all my policies and procedures,

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    Tea Silvestre

    Nicely done! And I’m sure you’ve realized that most of these folks can live in multiple quadrants. The one you chose for example is definitely a villain that plagues folks both consciously and unconsciously. Can’t wait to see you tackle this very short list of important tasks! Let us know if you need help.

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