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    I don’t trust myself completely because I don’t have 100% clarity for myself on my brand (my niche/sweet spot). I started with the concept of integrated marketing communications so I became I jack of all trades, now that isn’t working for me.

    2) visibility – because I don’t have clarity, I don’t have confidence to be visible.

    3) consistency – same as above.

    I haven’t followed up with people consistently on testimonials. I have some for branding but not building the right business (my doorway) even though I’ve always done that as part of the branding process.


    What I love:
    The feeling of freedom – mind, body, and spirit (which means being a creator). Feeling healthy and free in my body – movement activities (running, yoga, and being connected to nature), a healthy mind- a love learning about how I can free my mind of negative thoughts and feel more peaceful regardless of circumstances, and free in doing what I love. I love doing those things even more when I’m experiencing them with people that I connect with. I love deep conversations over wine and food where we talk about our deepest desires, forward thinking ideas, and ways to can make those dreams happen.

    What I love about my work

    I love the process of asking questions, probing, dialogue, being curious and then getting that ah-ha – seeing how all the pieces fit together. The moment everything makes sense and you see the path.

    I love the moment when someone shares their biggest vision, desires, and fears and then there is a bond that says, “I’m not alone.” “We’re on the same path.” “We can help each other.” Preferably this is done over a fabulous glass of wine paired with food, at an unique destination. I love collaboration and community (something I lack right now). I love the challenge and sense of adventure that business is and creating something from just an idea.

    I love the process of creating collaboratively to come up with something that could never be done alone. I enjoy working with other creatives and left brain people to come up with an excellent product that wows.

    One Doorway

    Build It product (defining the business) or the program here that combines Build & Brand It

    An entrepreneur may be working really hard but not getting results because it’s not what they should be doing (not utilizing their talents) 2) not packaging it correctly (it’s not a current need) 3) in their business for the wrong reasons so they don’t enjoy it. Because their working extra hard, everything else in their life suffers.

    Corporate Person: Most people want to feel fulfilled and make a impact but they don’t have clarity on what that might be. For someone in a job that they don’t like, they need an exit plan. I could give them that so they have the confidence to start taking steps to more fulfillment and freedom in their life.

    When you’ve built the right foundation, everything else is easier and works more effectively. Before you spend a dime on marketing, get clarity on the right business.

    My Concern:
    My only concern with choosing this as my doorway is that people are more likely to spend on something concrete like videos so I think this would be more difficult to sell because it’s not a tangible..


    I have a few videos and the webinar that I’ve created but haven’t promoted (you’ve seen them). That program includes building the business and then branding.

    I could focus my webinar how to discover your legacy business and then go through the steps of how to brand it. It’s difficult to figure out on your own (that is why they would hire me) so I”m not sure how valuable the steps and case studies would be on a webinar. I’ve given a few speeches on this topic at local networking groups where I share the steps plus case studies. People find it hard to relate back to themselves so it seems abstract to them. Most people don’t think their business is the problem.

    I could write more blog posts and do more videos.

    How it’s delivered:
    I have 6 lessons (workbooks with audios) plus 6 45 minute consults.

    Upsell is the broadcast program.

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    I forgot to add the 3 things I can do to build trust.

    work on my mindset: daily schedule and tactics to keep myself positive and focused
    work on my daily schedule: staying focused on doing the right things: consistent tasks completed, keep promises I make with myself
    focus on marketing consistently my services (especially my doorway product) , blogging and promotion

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