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    Jansen Photo Expeditions

    Our Superpowers:
    Photographic Knowledge
    Good with People
    Travel Experience
    Teaching Skills
    2 knowledgeable instructors

    We Want to be known for:
    personal service
comprehensive knowledge
    Produce Results

    Benefits for Clients
    Clients receive quality education they can build on
    They learn how to get the National Geographic shot
    Have a fun experience in a beautiful location

    Tools and Resources Needed
Ability to get to workshop location with camera equipment!

    Pink Spoon

    E book – “Landscape Photography – Searching for the Light”.
    Available currently as a free offer for signing up for email list.

    Small Taste / Basic
    iPhone Workshop, basic Digital SLR workshops, or online class: $99 – $149
    Includes basic introductory class as a preview for multi day workshops.

    Signature Product
    Mulit-day group photography workshop – 3 days or more $699+ depending on location

    Includes instruction and guide service in small groups
Learning the art of landscape photography
Tailored to their needs, learning ability and skill level

    Signature Product +:
    Multi Day Private Photography Workshop – 3 Days or more $1500+ depending on location
    Includes personal instruction and guide service in location of their choice learning landscape photography or the genre of choice.
    Tailored to their needs, learning ability and skill level
    Private and personal

    Mindmap – 2 pages

    After doing this exercise, I realized that what we really want is to do exclusively private workshops. I don’t feel like we can get the credibility without offering some of these other workshops to show our talents, get the exposure and experience. These type of private workshops don’t come around as often as we would like. We had someone call us last week to come and do a workshop that day to Big Sur. We geared up and were ready to go in a couple of hours. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen, but we realized that we could go at the drop of a hat if someone was in the area and needed our services.

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    Tea Silvestre

    Haven’t accessed your mindmap just yet, but great job on outlining your signature dish and all the bits leading up to it. Under what you want to be known for, I didn’t see “adventure” — something you talked a lot about during the branding process. Is that still relevant? We’ll talk more during the Case Studies meeting.

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    Tea Silvestre

    As a newer member I’m catching up on the group’s homework and just wanted to say your answers are very good and straightforward. Although I figure you’re familiar with Santa Fe Photography Workshops, I highly recommend taking a look at their site because they offer multi-day group classes in New Mexico (where I live) as well as around the world.

    I think pointing to getting the National Geographic shot is a fabulous idea. We all want to feel that way with our cameras!

    Also.. wish I could see your 2 page doodle, but the link isn’t working. 🙂

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