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    Tea Silvestre

    Hi Janice,

    You want to grow your emerging business, and to make that happen you realize that you’ve got to embrace modern business apps and services.

    And that’s where you freeze.

    It could be you’re simply too busy to spend the massive amount of time it takes to figure it all out on your own.

    Or perhaps you’ve tried to research technology for your business, and after reading tons of reviews and literature on the company websites, you were left feeling more confused and out of your league than when you started.

    It’s an interesting time for small businesses. We have more options than ever before – and that’s a good thing! That means there’s probably an amazing product that’ll massively benefit your business out there and be the perfect fit. Somewhere…

    But the truth is, having so many options also makes it harder to sift through’em all and find the gems.

    The good news is: It doesn’t have to be that way for you.

    I’m creating a technology haven online for ladypreneurs, like yourself, to discover the very best business apps and services. It’ll highlight the same ones that I and other ladypreneurs use that create a thriving and profitable modern business.

    It’s called The Technology Boutique.

    As a technology coach I work primarily with creative and impactful women who own service-based businesses. So I know exactly what your challenges are.

    And I know which technology services and apps fit amazingly for businesses just like yours.

    The Technology Boutique will curate the very best options and present them in a new, shall we say, fashion-forward way. I can’t really go into details on that yet, but my goal is to take the complex and boring aspects out of small business technology marketing – so you can focus on the aspects that really matter to you.

    And you’ll be able to share your experiences with the business technology products shared in the Boutique with others. So when you see three or four businesses similar to you rave about a tool, you’ll know with a high degree of confidence that it’s indeed stunning and perfect for you, too!

    If you’re intrigued, go visit right now and sign up for email updates. You’ll be the first to know when it launches.

    And if you share it with a few of you favorite ladypreneurs and get them to sign-up, you’ll also get a VIP sneak peak before the official launches.

    As always, if you have any questions I’m here to answer and clarify at


    Lisa Burger
    Founder of

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    Tea Silvestre

    Follow-up portions:

    TESTIMONIALS: As this is a not yet live (and in the very early planning stages), I do have testimonials. I do plan to have a beta-group so will elicit testimonials from them before the official launch.

    LEVELS: itself will only have one level of access.

    I do plan to offer an up sell for a “Biz Technology Stylist,” where someone gets to know their business over a couple of hours and then ‘shops’ for the best fitting and fashionable business technology services and shares that list of products with them. (Think of it as a personal stylist for technology.)

    My small taste will be free downloadable “Look Books” created specifically for a handful of industries such as coaches, realtors, yoga and fitness, freelancers (book-keepers and web pros) etc. They’ll showcase a few ideal technology services and give them a taste of what is like and why it’s useful.

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    Awesome concept Lisa! You definitely have a roomful of your target clients at the SLO Women’s Network. Perfect!

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    Tea Silvestre

    Thank you, Holly.

    Although I’m thinking much bigger than just SLO Women’s Network.

    Like total world domination! ::Said in my “The Brain” voice – Narf!::


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    Awesome concept. I am looking forward to seeing the finished product.

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    Hi Lisa,

    I do love your new approach. It’s fun and super attractive. If there’s one thing I’d like to see included in this sales page is your WHY.

    Why women? Why boutique? Why the “feminine” angle? Are there apps and products that are different than what a man would use? Why does that matter? And what makes a “ladypreneur” different?

    Maybe she likes a softer approach, or she’s not afraid to flaunt her femininity. Maybe being a woman entrepreneur holds meaning for her and she just has to wear it as a badge of honor.

    OR, maybe it’s about you and you want to tell us why you chose this angle.

    This is getting really exciting. Can’t wait for launch.

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    Tea Silvestre

    Excellent feedback, Yota!

    It sounds cheesy, but I genuinely feel my purpose on this Earth is help women become more comfortable and accepting of technology vs being intimidated (or bored) by it. I see women shy away from it, whereas (many) of our male counterpoints will dive in and figure it out – and it truly can hold a women or her biz back.

    The thing is, many technical gurus are males. Many are impatient: they’d much rather do the job and move on then teach, mentor, and guide. I get off on the teaching component. I get off at seeing the “gotcha” happen. I love watching clients, over time, think about how to solve problems (with their tech) better.

    A lot of times, they just need exposure and time. They’re not as bad as they believe but with support and being introduced to new methods (and even watching how I go about things), they can rock n’ roll pretty quickly.

    Anyways, I’m rambling…because I’m trying to sort out in my mind first WHY this project/biz is SO exciting to me. ‘Cuz it is. I half want to stop my coaching clients/projects, so I can get this going faster because I truly don’t have much left at the end of the day for TTB and it’s killing me.

    But that’s another story, isn’t it? And the coaching gig has given me much more credibility with launching this biz.

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    It’s not cheesy at all. If you feel this strongly, that’s all that matters. You know you have to go through with it.
    I agree with you that men can be impatient and even condescending. They tend to take their technological prowess for granted.
    On the other hand, there are women who are “closeted” geeks and there are those who are intimidated and there are some in between.
    I say . .. go ahead and tell us . . . “I get off at seeing the “gotcha” happen. I love watching clients, over time, think about how to solve problems (with their tech) better.”
    I think that’s one of your key points of difference. You care, you’re a born teacher/mentor and a bonafide geek and you’ve been there.
    I wonder . . . have you ever been treated less than by your male counterparts? How did that make you feel? Do you feel like sharing?
    Now, I’m rambling:-)
    As for your coaching . . .let it unfold naturally. You’re being guided by something really strong. You can’t go wrong.

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    Tea Silvestre

    Hi Lisa, I think Yota is right about telling about why women would appeal to your way of doing business and using technology. I also teach more women about money than men, so I get that we just think about things differently and having it spelled out will attract your target audience.

    Give us a few examples on the different offers and how we can work with you. I’m intrigued but not really sure what I’m getting or what there is to choose from. We probably need to spell it out in very simple and obvious (to us) terms or our audience could become lost.
    Good job!

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    Tea Silvestre

    Lisa – this is great and the feedback Yota & Alecia gave you is right on. You’re not actually selling anything here so the page doesn’t need to go on and on.

    Once you’ve got something new and improved, please post a link in the FB group so we can give additional feedback.

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