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    Who Is the Villain Getting in Way of Client Getting What they Want?

    What is keeping the HR professional from helping their employees feel better and be more productive while traveling?

    Internal: Internal (in my head?) forces which cause a problem
    -Lack of knowledge how travel can affect health, wellness, and productivity
    -Lack of knowledge of availability of local provider
    -Distracted by other concerns

    External: External forces (outside of me) which cause a problem
    -No buy in from decision maker(s)
    -How much will this cost?
    -How much time does this take? My employees are very busy and don’t want to make time for a doctor’s apt.

    Unconscious: I have no clue why I have this problem
    -Not aware that educations is needed or helps
    -Not worried about getting sick when traveling

    Conscious: I know why I have this problem
    -I have a group of traveling employees BUT I have a ton of other (more pressing) things to do.
    -I haven’t researched how this fits in with our benefits package…I don’t want to duplicate services.

    Plan to defeat villain:

    TIME CRUNCHER = villain

    Time Cruncher sabotages effective HR professionals by adding more work with very short deadlines. She specializes in overwhelm….a weapon which produces a stun-gun like effect, thus rendering the hapless victim exhausted, angry, and sad.

    My counter weapon is a ‘done for you’ educational & medical program which educates traveling employees and provides any needed medical care. Since I plan to use a combination of in-person training and on-demand webinars I can offer a variety of cost effective products. They can be semi-custom…building blocks which can be moved around to suit the needs of the individual companies.

    Why did I choose this villain? (why is this villain my sweet spot)

    This seems to be the entrance into a small to mid-sized company. An overwhelmed HR professional is likely to need a solution, one which doesn’t create more work. And need it done yesterday.

    This is a product/service I would like to make- educational programs involving workshops and on-line training. I like to teach and I LOVE LOVE LOVE to help people with travel and wellness concerns.

    PROPOSED BLOG POST: I need feedback from group on edits for this post.-thanks

    Fred excitedly stops by your office.
    “I want you to get our 3 top engineers ready to go… and afterwards we’ll have the other members of the team join them.”
    He has just landed a lucrative manufacturing contract in Slovakia and is thrilled at his good fortune.

    But you’re not feeling it.
    In fact you just dread it.

    This project lands smack dab on top of a crushing workload.
    After all, who really has time to get all the staffing issues straightened out and help people with major life problems and then take on globe trotting employees? Everyone wants your full attention.

    Calgon, take me away…..

    So what can you do?

    You know that you have a duty to help your employees.
    They are like family. You want them to do their very best job.
    And you know that when your employees are healthy, they can do their very best work. And that will help the company be successful.

    But you are overwhelmed.

    There is no way you can take on one more project and do it well.

    You are suprised to hear yourself say to Fred, “No problem, I’ll look into it”.

    But you hear that voice in your head…the one which has hit the panic button:

    “What about Jim? You know he has asthma. Will the damp air or the pollution make things worse? He is the lead engineer, if he gets sick the whole project will slow down and the team will miss deadlines. “

    “And Annie? She always comes to work sick coughing and sneezing…sharing the latest plague with the rest of the office. Why doesn’t she stay home and keep her germs to herself? Doesn’t she see the problems she causes by making everyone around her sick? What if she brings home something from another country?”

    “And don’t forget Brian – parsimonious is his middle name. He reports directly to your boss too. And he’s just a little too happy to point out how much everything costs. He alwasy says ‘why can’t we just do this in-house?’ He always wants ‘us’ which means ‘you’ to do all the work to avoid hiring consultants.”


    There must be a way. You don’t have to do the work of three people. Other companies your size have managed to expand their global reach. Their employees must have learned how to stay healthy while traveling.

    There are experts throughout the country who help companies prepare their employees to stay healthy and productive when they travel. And they don’t cost a fortune.

    Of course such programs are designed to help with compliance issues, but more importantly, healthy employees are productive employees.
    And that is good for the bottom line.

    Add such program to a quick visit with your local travel medicine doctor {}. One who understands what it takes to keep the team healthy when traveling. (Hint: it’s a lot more than just vaccines) Now your employees are now ready to meet the exciting challenges of the new project, without worrying about their health or safety.

    And so the panic begins to subside.

    You realize that you will be able to find a way to keep your team safe and healthy. It’s simply a matter of deciding whether you want live seminars, on-demand webinars, or in-person consultations.

    Your employees and your boss will thank you.

    The team at TravelReadyMD is ready to help your company prepare your traveling employees for a successful project- with minimal disruptions due to illness or safety concerns. Contact us to see how we can help you achieve your goals.

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    Tea Silvestre

    This is great, including the blog post. Love the story and the first person narration, as well as the 3 engineers who are ready to bring down the whole operation!! Nice work.

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    Tea Silvestre

    Yes, great points, including the post – excellently illustrates your points and how you can help them be mitigated.

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    Tea Silvestre

    Probably dating ourselves horribly, but <3!!!

    Calgon, take me away…..

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    Tea Silvestre

    I love it. Imagine if you could find photos to go with the three examples (Jim/Annie/Brian) to help people put a picture with these characters!

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    Thanks- & great idea about the photos

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    Tea Silvestre

    So much to love about all of this, Sarah. There are some minor typos, but I feel like the post is ready to publish (with fabulous photos of course). I’d also link from “compliance issues” to a page or post on your site that talks about what those are.

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