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    Brunch and Learn Homework 1/17/15
    I began this assignment with a colleague/woman whom I know. I was convinced that this would be a good one for me to do because I know many of the answers and could see patterns, both with the prospector and the assignment. Important to me:
    • Understand a path for applying the pattern in the homework
    • Use that understanding to research more powerful contacts
    As I went through the motions, I was sorta surprised at how closely this woman fits my ideal client. Deal breakers at the moment:
    • Money
    • Small town gossipy, competitive personality

    Community Organizations:
    • Chamber of Commerce
    o Wilder Days
    o Easter Egg event
    o Christmas event
    • Mansfield Historical Society

    Professional Organizations
    • Western Cherokee Nation

    • Colleagues
    • Business advisors (banker)
    • Tribal connections
    • Family

    • Bookkeepers and Accountants
    o Family business is incorporated
    • Wholesalers for the business
    o Movie rental
    o Vapor (e-cigs)
    o Misc other merchandise
    • Shippers
    o UPS shipping point
    • TV/radio
    • Newspapers
    • Online news
    • Social media
    o Facebook
     Local garage sale management
     Giving groups
    o LinkedIn

    Rather narrow network which is effective for their business and interests. The network is local people and family. They have a movie rental business; she sells her handwork and native American crafts in the same building which they own. She and her husband have connections with the Western Cherokee Nation for this region.


    Where do they live – work – play?
    • Home
    • Business location – movie rental, craft sales and UPS pickup/drop-off – most of every day. Was caring for her mother for awhile, but the mother has passed.
    • She is disabled due to allergic reactions to products in her beauty salon, but I’m not sure she gets disability. This disability affects some cognizance and breathing.
    • Play
    o Family
    o Missions (Native American)
    o Crafts ( sells some in her shop)
    • Son
    • Grandson
    • Brothers (his mostly – her family seems to be at a distance and partially estranged)
    • Local friends – church and community
    • Tribal friends

    Indian — She and her husband work on (yes, CO, not com)
    Has a linkedIn account that I want to encourage her with

    Local weekly paper

    • Church
    • Yard Sale
    o Online Yardsale at Facebook
    o Community Wide Yardsale – organizer
    • Social Media
    o Facebook – community (especially yardsale) health and charity groups
    o LinkedIn – Design, Art and health groups
    • Indian meetings, etc
    • Chamber of Commerce
    o Three major events annually
    o Operates tourist information center at business location

    Do Business with:
    • Locals through movie rental. Craft sales and UPS service
    • Tourists
    • Western Cherokee

    Where to find:
    • Phone
    • Store
    • Local meetings for Chamber events
    • I could invite them over (I usually keep my social activities pretty limited) Might invite them OUT.
    • Email – difficult for her because of disability. She has made progress, but writing/thinking is stressful
    • Facebook
    • LinkedIn (hasn’t done much with this)

    Weekly Strategy

    Discipline. I enjoyed doing this, but then I enjoy blogging and other stuff too. So, discipline has to be the first strategic step. I’m going to put it in writing that I will research and begin reaching out to 4 specific new people every week. I expect to get through my puny list pretty fast, but would be watching for and finding new people.

    Day Time Task Result (Done or what?)
    Monday Early Scout the list (or new people
    Tuesday Early Mindmap
    Wednesday Early Landscape
    Thursday Early Contact Plan

    I was so inspired by Marsha Warner’s testimony on FB about her work in LinkedIn. I know this, but have neglected working out a process/system for doing it. More “a lick and a promise” treatment for this connection. I want to put emphasis on connection and research using LI with additional use of other social media and research.

    The woman who introduced me to Nurture Marketing was once working on a software system that would make the sort of contact you recommend work so well with LinkedIn – watch for articles or posts that would be of interest to that person and send them – not sales-ish, but connection. I know her process, but did get high-centered on a ‘system’ which was going to be more than I could afford – several hundred per month before getting a VA involved. And a VA would get involved because people don’t discipline their social media activity and/or become intimidated by the technology.

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