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    January 2015 DDR Homework
    Sarah Kohl


    Who is actually looking for me?

    HR directors of small to mid-size manufacturing companies who have employees (3000) who travel internationally She has employees new to traveling and a ‘Duty of Care’ to provide safety training.

    3. Mindmap & Sleuth their hungers.
    • Accountable education (SCORM compliant)
    • Duty of Care
    • Productivity of employees
    • Keep healthcare costs under control
    • Plans for emergencies
    • Keep the C-suite happy
    • Need done-for-you are too busy for DWY
    4. Mindmap & Sleuth their landscape/ecosystem.
    • Vendors: learning management systems (LMS) ,travel insurance, travel agents, health insurance agents
    • Media: USA Today, Professional Journals, Websites
    • Education: local community colleges, alumni associations
    • Professional organizations: SHRM, SPHR
    • Trade shows: meeting planners, other manufacturers

    5. Identify your top 3 online AND 3 offline locations for connecting to your Top Prospectors.
    • LinkedIn
    • 2 webinars per month on topics of interest
    • Blogging/promotion
    • BHAG: Write often enough/well enough to be able to get a column
    In Person:
    • Interview HR professionals about how they manage their traveling employees
    • Speak/workshops at trade association meetings
    • Teach class at local community college
    • Ask for referrals from current clients.

    6. Outline your weekly strategy for researching/connecting (time spent, day(s), etc.) Fridays is LinkedIn Day.
    • 60 minutes spent ‘working’ LinkedIn
    • Update profile- finish sorting out keywords etc
    • LinkedIn- ‘stalk’ groups to listen in and ask questions. About 20% of time will promote blog post or other such content
    • Ask to ‘interview’ HR professionals to learn more about problem faced and what they have tried – 2 Wednesdays per month x 2.5 hours (prep and then 30 min talk, and write summary afterwards)
    • Develop video clips to be placed into profile to ‘advertise’ speaking at trade shows/association events. Write scripts/plan on Wednesday- film on 1 Friday/month 4 hours.
    • Invite HR professionals to twice monthly webinars on Wednesday at noon

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