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    While my target market has several layers of trust issues, the biggest one they have is trusting me and the offer. Here are some of the ways I’m planning to build trust in these areas:

    — record a short audio clip of me in a session with a client, demonstrating what the work is like under real-time conditions
    — offer at least 5-7 testimonials from previous happy clients
    — offer a live teleconference (that will be recorded and made available after the fact) or powerpoint with compelling information that will appeal to their desire for solutions and counteract some of their potential objections

    Each of the above will address the key areas of trust bridges I want to build with them.

    My “artichoke” is when the potential I am able to see in its unmanifest form, when a client starts talking about their situation, begins to show itself clearly with multiple avenues and shapes and colors and threads — any or all of which can lead directly to the outcome the client wants. This vision is so real to me that I can see it as if it were here, now, in 3D form. But just because I can see it, doesn’t mean the client can; one of the challenges and delights of my work is to find ways to translate what I see (reflected by the information they have shared with me) into something they too can understand. Those visions might become metaphor, simile, or some other description to which they can easily connect. And when they do ~ magic happens. Out of a cauldron of mystery there comes something solid that we both can see and share ~ and use to bring forth what is most wanted, most clearly and solidly and in the most beauty.

    I think I just did the 3rd part of the assignment above! Now I have to go back and do the 2nd one. . . my artichoke. That one is so hard because I love what I do so much. But I’ll try, just for the practice if nothing else.

    I love the creative process. I like making art. And I like making art out of things that seem unrelated to one another, to make connections between this and that, in new and unexpected ways. I love playing with ideas, images, words, concepts, and bringing the abstract into form that someone else can see and touch and feel ~ especially feel, and especially in their heart. I love surprising people with something fresh and lovely, something that opens cautiously when they are not expecting it, or suddenly bursting into their mind like an explosion of fragrance after they turn the corner and discover a secret garden they did not know would be there. Yes. This. This is why I love the creative process ~ the doing of it, and the sharing of it with others.

    The doorway I will focus on increasing sales for is my work with people approaching or going through their 2nd Saturn return. The program itself will be 6 months long. While I am still working out the complete description of what it includes, I can break out some of the components into a teleclass, a private FB group for people working on specific life areas as they go into their Saturn return, and special offers for flower essences to support their progress. I can also offer special deals with some of my astrologer friends to give them more insight into what’s happening with their transits during this time.

    I hope to have most of the details about my program complete by the end of this week.

    Meanwhile I did go ahead and buy a couple of domains with the right keywords, so I can use them when I get ready to launch. The soft launch will probably be through my flagship web site and blog until I get ready for the big launch later.

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    Tea Silvestre

    Good start, Nancy! Things to think about:

    Could you sell pieces of this 6-month program as smaller bites? The teleclass idea is a great marketing tool. Could you also sell it as a one-off? What about a single session? Would that even be helpful for your clients?

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    Yes I could sell pieces of the program as stand-alone segments, particularly the assessment portions at the beginning. Not sure yet whether the teleclass would be attractive as an offer; I’d have to design it so that it has enough value the someone would pay for it.

    A single session probably won’t be that helpful but a flower essence consult could be, in combo with the assessments.

    This one is a bit tough to break down but partly that’s because I don’t have all the components drawn up yet. Once the full package is in front of me, I can see more clearly how to break off pieces of it without losing value.

    One aspect of the program that potentially could be offered as either an add-on or stand-alone offer would be a private FB group for participants to network and support each other while they are working through their issues. I think that would have enormous benefit and wouldn’t have to be part of the program I’m offering — more a way to enhance the program and deepen the experience.

    These are all giving me great ideas! Now I’m eager to complete all the components so I can see everything together, and think about what could be a smaller bite that makes sense for my clients.

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