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    Tea Silvestre

    I feel like I am still circling the the bullseye, but here is what I have….
    Wellness Within…it’s about feeling great on the inside not just looking good on the outside.
    creating a safe supportive place to begin an inner journey
    listening and hearing what is (not) said
    safe, grounded anchor in times of chaos
    providing carefully researched, evidence based information/tools

    Signature Dish: Online Wellness Program aimed at boosting your inner energy.
    Name: ? Recharge
    This is a 6 week online program that teaches people to begin to tune in to themselves: we write a health/wellness manifesto, we discover our strengths and then use that to look at 4 key areas that have a massive impact on our energy levels: eating, sleep, exercise, and mindset.
    I am hoping to beta test this very soon, both as a stand alone program and with additional group coaching calls. Stand alone ?$197, coaching calls, depending on how many-$247-$329.

    From this signature dish I plan to offer a mindful/attuned eating program, as well as a
    perhaps partner with an exercise and sleep experts to offer programs in each of those areas.

    Small bite ideas: How to get to know yourself better…
    Discover your Strengths
    Dealing with Emotions
    How to love your body
    Overcoming emotional eating
    Not sure yet the format or the price yet
    Pink Spoon:
    Currently have a workbook “Live Deep” that uses coaching questions to help evaluate where people are at in their lives. Not sure how this exactly fits and if I should tweak it a bit to fit in with the above or develop something else.

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    Tea Silvestre

    Good start, Sandra. We definitely want to spend some time on the name (Recharge what?) and develop some blog topics to help you promote. But I really like your approach of working with them to write a manifesto and understand their strengths before diving in on a plan. More to discuss at our Case Studies meeting, for sure!

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    Tea Silvestre

    Hi Sandra,

    I could be an ideal client–getting enough sleep has become an ongoing challenge.

    This is a nice start, the one thing that popped into my head, which admittedly isn’t related to the specifics of pricing, but is more about branding, is whether the word “Recharge” clicks perfectly into place given your the language used to describe your superpowers. I think this is where Tea’s question about what is being recharged is a very good one.

    I could be unique in my take on the wording, but it might be helpful to hit a thesaurus and dictionary site and dig into alternative words that could define the enhancement or support of waning energy. Beginning an inner journey…safe anchor…and listening to what is unsaid speak more to a restorative approach than a recharging one. To me, restoration implies that I’ve brought a sustainable balance to my life, vs simply recharging, which leads to inevitable discharging.

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