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    Tea Silvestre

    This was a great module for me as I begin to figure out what exactly I want to build my business around. This work is beginning to give me clarity, although I still haven’t nailed it down. My perfectionistic tendencies sure want me to have it all figured out before I start. SO it was wonderful to hear yet again that it will continually evolve.

    But before I go evolving I need to take stock of where I am. The survey homework was really eye opening for me and a great boost.
    Before I did the survey I had been playing around with some words that I wanted to represent my brand….I had narrowed it down to: optimistic, educated, compassionate and introspective. I thought that these reflected me and my style.
    Then I did the survey.
    The first question,3 words to describe me were all over the place but in broad categories:

    The emotion was happy/warm/accepted

    The quality was integrity/value(yes!)/lovingkindness

    I especially loved one response,’permission to feel yummy inside’.That pretty much captures what I hope to bring to the world.That totally made my day when I read it.

    I was really happy to see that what I think my style is, is indeed what I am communicating out into the world.

    So now I am in the brainstorm stage. I really want to come up with a tagline and a ‘elevator’ speech to help me describe what it is that I do. And figure out what I want to offer. So for now I am journaling, mulling.

    It feels great to have this core from which I can now filter all my work-logos, website design, programs.

    But I don’t want to get stuck in thinking too long. I am going to start writing some blog posts on mindful/attuned eating as I think that is going to be one of my first offerings I want to try out.

    I so appreciated this months work and look forward to seeing how we all ‘evolve’.

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    Loved that you were getting such a great response on your survey. I thought it was a lot of fun too!

    Have you done much in person networking? It really forces you to come up with an elevator speech pretty quickly.

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    Tea Silvestre

    I love to hear how well this month’s module worked for you! “Permission to feel yummy inside,” is almost a perfect tagline, too. Knowing you tho, am wondering if there’s another word/phrase for yummy inside that you could substitute?

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