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    1. Tell us how you want to FEEL before, during, after your launch.
    I want to feel organized and in control of my marketing efforts with a concrete goal in mind to book the workshops with creative, adventurous and healthy individuals who want to explore the world through their lens.

    2. Using your revenue goal for your launch or for a particular offer, plan out and calendar your marketing efforts for ONE campaign.

    In order to book 8 people for our San Francisco Workshop, we need to connect with 800 people at least 8 times = 6400 Impressions
    See Detail below

    3. Tell us the ideal number of people you need to reach for conversions.
    8 People is ideal for this workshop

    4. Tell us how you will reach them
    (7 to 10x) over the course of 4 to 6 weeks.
    Email: 336 read x 7 impressions = 2352
    Facebook Business: 74 (1%) x 7 impressions = 518
    Facebook Personal: 360 (20%) x 7 impressions = 2520
    Google: 235 (10%) x 7 impressions = 1645
    Instagram: 40 (10%) x 7 impressions = 280
    Blog: Readers per month = 192
    Twitter: 66 (10%) x 7 impressions = 462
    Total Impressions: 7969

    5. Tell us how you will follow-up on leads.
    Follow up will be in the form of returning emails and telephone calls promptly. Those that click on the specific email will get a follow up personal email asking about their interest in the workshop.

    6. Tell us what secondary goal you need to work on most (as a result of this exercise).

    Create a template to plan for promotions for all upcoming workshops in this manner

    See Attached promotional schedule detail.
    Workshop promotion schedule

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