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      Tea Silvestre

      Not a new or surprising concept, but definitely reflected in the numbers I came up with in the preplanning activity.

      I’m making good money but not as much as I’d like to be. I’m still getting the most of my income from hourly consulting on government projects, not the private training and executive coaching gigs I’ve been wanting. However, my marketing efforts in growing that part of my business lag behind, mostly because of working on those government contracts. A vicious, though profitable cycle.

      Also, as a result of my contract work, I’m not working on projects like my book, updating my web site and keeping in touch with my followers.

      However, last email I sent, I had the best open rate (35%) ever. I’m getting better at the titles. Still need to improve frequency.

      Also in the reap what you sow theme, I know that blog posts drive traffic to my web site. I need to write more of them more consistently. I’m so burned out from creating content for others, I don’t do so for myself. Sigh.

      By reviewing my analytics, I also found that I have some pernicious site that accounts for nearly half my visitors every month. Grrrr…..

      I also saw that some of my other traffic is coming from places, like the chamber web site, so that’s a good thing!

      Also social media efforts are paying off, with traffic mainly from FB, where I’m most active, but also distributed across other sites, especially when I post to them (duh).

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      Aaahh, the perils and turbulations of multitasking:-) If you could only clone yourself. It seems you’re at a great space though. You need to rearrange the pieces of the puzzle a little differently, so you can get a different picture, but you got this. I think our upcoming planning session will bear great fruits for you.

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      Tea Silvestre

      Thanks, Yota! Yes, I would like a clone or two. I do need to have a better plan for transition, and I’m sure Nov. will help.

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      I’m afraid I don’t write as much as I’d like, too, either. I really want to blog more. Are you in the blogger’s mastermind? I loved that group, but could hardly keep the pace of posting once per week.

      I’d love to share blog posts with a few of the DDR members with some welcoming feedback sometime. Let me know if this is something you would like.

      Great overview of where you are. I’m getting to work now on it.

      all the best, friend.

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