First, catch up on our meeting here:

Your Mission:

1. Perform this 10-Day Experiment

  • Pick a new(ish) or ignored channel
  • Download this worksheet
  • Use the worksheet as a guide. Spend 10 minutes per day on the tasks as outlined and keep track of your findings and questions as you go.
  • Build rapport with 10 people from your Top 100
  • Aim for 10 social interactions (see Listly:

Post a summary of your experience and questions to the Social Media Forum no later than Noon, Friday, March 20th (Pacific Time).

  • Each person who meets the deadline is entered to win: ONE FREE in-depth social media review (your brand/voice).
  • For each 3 people you provide feedback to (before we meet on Monday) you’ll receive an additional entry.

Remember: Use our Facebook group to get as much feedback and brainstorming help as you can.

For additional review, download the slides: B&L – Bloom – Social Media

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