Questions? I’ve Got Answers!

Who is this program meant to help?

Any owner of a small business who…

  • Doesn’t have the resources to hire a full-time or part-time professional to do their marketing for them.
  • Wants to learn more about marketing and hone their skills so they can do a better job and be more effective online and off.
  • Wants to work one-on-one with a marketing coach/mentor, but can’t afford the big commitment in time and money.
  • Needs to put together a solid marketing plan and needs some guidance.
  • Desires the support and community of like-minded peers and colleagues.

What kind of a commitment is this for me, time-wise?

You should plan on spending at least 1 to 2 hours with us each week. Some weeks that just means showing up to watch and participate in our live group meetings. (Or, watching and commenting later.) Other weeks, that means working on your Test Kitchen projects, meeting with me, and checking in to our Facebook group to share and discuss our topics. Beyond that, if you’d also like to work on writing or updating your marketing plan (via emails with me and our 30 min one-on-ones each month), that could take an additional 2 to 4 hours per month.

What if I join this program mid-year, does the order of what’s covered matter?

No! My philosophy is that we need to focus on each of these topics all the time. So even if you’ve already “learned” the basics, there will always be something new for you — important for members to know who want to continue year after year. What’s important to remember is that you have one-on-one time with me where we’ll work on what you need most — even if that’s totally different from what we’re doing as a group.

Why is this membership so freakin’ inexpensive?

You’re right, this program is waaay affordable. Right now. It’s priced this way because it’s a new offering and I’m in the building and refining stage. Trust me, once I get it all dialed in, the price will likely double or triple.

Will my monthly membership go up if you raise the rate?

No. The price that you enroll with is the price you pay for the life of your membership. It would only go up if you cancel your membership and then re-enroll. But remember, if you aren’t able to participate, we won’t be able to hold your seat.

What if I don’t have a Facebook account? Can I still participate?

Yes. We’ve set up a forum space on the DDR website specifically for posting your Test Kitchen projects and sharing your feedback with your fellow members. The Facebook group just helps us do some socializing and sharing of additional resources. It’s meant to help cut down on the emails (which I promise won’t be more than once or twice per week). You may miss out on a few things here and there, but they won’t be crucial to your time in the DDR.

What happens if I’m not able to participate in a live group meeting or do the monthly missions?

Obviously, you’ll get out of this program what you put into it. The minimum requirement to maintain your membership is to participate in group discussions.

If I notice you’ve been silent for more than a month (not opening emails, not participating on Facebook, etc.) I will check in with you to see if this program is still a good fit for you.

How much time will I have to interact with you one-on-one?

I’ve limited the size of enrollment for this program to no more than 30 VIPs. That will ensure that I can spend quality time on the live events and in the forums with you. And that’s important to me. But you’ll also get to meet with me one-on-one every month by phone or Skype so we can zero in on any issues you’re dealing with outside of our monthly topics.

I’ve been in group courses where I never got to interact directly with the person who created the materials — usually because they had developed all the materials beforehand (the classes were pre-recorded) and/or they had “helpers” who did all of the forum Q&A.

Let me be clear: I will be the one answering your questions via email. And none of the classes will be pre-recorded. In addition to unlimited questions by email and our one-on-one time, if you want my brain, this is a fabulous way to get it.

But I also understand that some times we just don’t feel comfortable sharing a question in a public group. If you want additional private one-on-one attention, I do offer a more intensive coaching/mentoring service.

Can I Upgrade if I Really Like it and Want More?

Yes, absolutely. You can upgrade (or roll over) your investment within 90 days of your initial enrollment. Just let me know and we’ll make it happen.