Business Story Framework

Business Story Framework

A New Way to Look at the Traditional Marketing Planning Process

Every solid and successful business is based on a sound marketing plan; something that details all the pieces of who you are, who your clients are, and how you’ll serve them.

But many solopreneurs fail to plan because they believe they need to know all the answers ahead of time in order to “make it work.

If the thought of planning your marketing efforts feels heavy and too left-brained, this process might be just the ticket.

A fresh take on the standard marketing plan outline, the Biz Story Framework, helps you play with the elements of your marketing. You focus on each aspect of your marketing as a storytelling element, which frees you up to think more creatively about your business and how you’re promoting what you do. It’s a process that’s a lot more fun, which means you’re way more likely to do it.

But don’t be fooled — the Business Story Framework isn’t a one-and-done kind of document. It’s meant to be a living, breathing part of your team — something you stay involved with (and revise) on a regular basis. And that’s why this is a year-round, join-anytime program.

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