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Plan with The Biz Story Framework

Integral to The Story Power Approach™, this is a new twist on the traditional marketing plan.


Actionable learning with assignments that move your business forward.


Like-minded entrepreneurs with various talents, sharing wisdom and good juju.

Let's Work on Branding

Clarify Your Branding Story

What goes into your brand? How do you create something that’s specifically YOU but that also works for your Ideal Client? We address these topics and more in this month’s lesson.

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The content in this module corresponds to your ENTIRE Biz Story Framework. The videos below run approx 2.5 hours. You can stop and start them as needed. Your Test Kitchen Mission: Using your revenue goal for the coming month, plan out and calendar your marketing...

Mastermind Groups

Watch the videos (approx running time: 2 hours) Your Test Kitchen Mission Part I - Write a Want Ad* for Mastermind Members: Bullet points for qualities needed Focus/Topic Meeting structure preferred What you have to offer Part II - Write Group Guidelines: Outline...

Lunch & Learn: Copy Writing the Works

Your Test Kitchen Mission (Due Monday, June 17th) Part I - Identify your 5 ingredients (Pain/Desire; What Stands in the Way; What's Possible; Why You; Call to Action): Bullet points for each ingredient Be succinct and specific - try to keep your ingredients to no more...

Mastermind Ads

If you haven't yet looked at the ads posted by DDR members, click on over to the Forum and take a peek. Here's the replay of our meeting. We missed you. Hope you can make it to the next one! If you have any questions or comments about what was discussed, post them...

An Inside Look at My Copywriting Process

(Note: scroll to the bottom to watch the replay of our Secret Supper meeting) Copywriting -- the act of putting words on a page (or a screen) specifically for the purposes of marketing something -- isn't a skill that you're born with. (Even if you're somewhat talented...

Copy Writing – Letters to a Friend

If you haven’t yet looked at the letters posted by DDR members, click on over to the Forum and take a peek. Here’s the replay of our meeting. We missed you. Hope you can make it to the next one! If you have any questions or comments about what was discussed, post them...

How the Chef Plans Her Marketing

(With a focus on this summer's soiree) Did you miss this meeting? Here's the recording: And here are the slides in PDF format. If you'd like a copy of the event planning checklist, you can download the template here. Questions? Go ahead and ask 'em here in the...

gloria_miele2012aTea’s an amazing mentor, coach and all around awesome person. I’ve learned and accomplished more from participating in her programs than all of the others combined (and there’ve been many!!).

Gloria Miele, Stronger Leader

holly-jansenTea’s Digital Dining Room program has helped me to think differently — on a daily basis — about who my target clients are and the best way to communicate with them. That’s huge! Tea’s advice is current and savvy and you know you are on the cutting edge when working with her.

Holly Higbee -

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