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Plan with The Biz Story Framework

Integral to The Story Power Approach™, this is a new twist on the traditional marketing plan.


Actionable learning with assignments that move your business forward.


Like-minded entrepreneurs with various talents, sharing wisdom and good juju.

Let's Work on Branding

Clarify Your Branding Story

What goes into your brand? How do you create something that’s specifically YOU but that also works for your Ideal Client? We address these topics and more in this month’s lesson.

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Blogging: Fine-tuning Your Habits

My own blogging practice has evolved over the last three years into a pretty solid rhythm. It took me a while to find it (mostly because I was listening to all the "experts" and trying to follow "best practices"). Don't let that happen to you! Yes, you need to have...

Clarify Your Branding Story

Did you miss our hangout this month? Watch the replay here: Your Test Kitchen Mission Assess your current branding elements to see what might be unclear (see the slides and/or recording above). Ask for feedback from your clients, audience, colleagues and peers:...

Lunch & Learn: All About Masterminds

Your Test Kitchen Mission (Due Monday, May 20th) Part I - Write a Want Ad* for Mastermind Members: Bullet points for qualities needed Focus/Topic Meeting structure preferred What you have to offer Part II - Write Group Guidelines: Outline ground rules Decide on...

How I Wear My CEO & Manager Hats

First, watch the recording: Here's the list of things I look at in each of the areas I mentioned above: Google Analytics At a bare minimum, take a look at the overview pages for each of these. Look at it by month, as well as by 3 to 6 months. Find the spikes and dips....

Ask the Chef: Branding

What questions do you have about branding? Leave them in a comment below and the Chef will get you an answer delivered up post-haste! (or at least within 48 hours)

Plot a Win-Win Path to Sales

First, watch this month's Brunch & Learn recording: Your Test Kitchen mission: Identify ONE area of TRUST where you need to improve (Do they trust YOU/YOUR BIZ? Do they trust your OFFER? Do they trust THEMSELVES? Do YOU trust YOURSELF?) and give 3 ideas (bullet...

Evolution of The Word Chef Brand

This month's meeting replay is here: For more on the Word Chef brand, see these posts: Has Your Brand Reached it's Expiration Date? About the Chef About the Word Chef company The Manifesto Also, take a look at the graphics on my Services Menu to see how I incorporated...


The content in this module corresponds to the part of your Biz Story Framework that is concerned with closing a sale. The videos below run approx 6 hours. You can stop and start them as needed. Your Test Kitchen mission: Identify ONE area of TRUST where you need to...

gloria_miele2012aTea’s an amazing mentor, coach and all around awesome person. I’ve learned and accomplished more from participating in her programs than all of the others combined (and there’ve been many!!).

Gloria Miele, Stronger Leader

holly-jansenTea’s Digital Dining Room program has helped me to think differently — on a daily basis — about who my target clients are and the best way to communicate with them. That’s huge! Tea’s advice is current and savvy and you know you are on the cutting edge when working with her.

Holly Higbee

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