First, watch this month’s Brunch & Learn recording:

Your Test Kitchen mission:

  • Identify 3 places where your content creation habits could stand improvement.
  • Identify 1 topic you could develop that would further your biz goals (your Content Strategy for Q4 should help with this).
  • Identify 1 accountability partner and tell us who that person is.
  • Identify any missing tools (and get them!)
  • Post your answers to these things in the forum under the Blogging category (no later than Monday, November 18th at noon, Pacific).
  • Write the post. Make sure it addresses the above criteria; share a draft of your post with your buddy for feedback.
  • Publish the post and share a link to it in our Facebook group.

NOTE: If you get stuck or you’d like help from the group brainstorming any of your items, please post them in the Facebook group before the 18th!

For additional review, download the slides and/or the audio.

Links to other tools you might find helpful:

š (to share drafts with a buddy)
š (free CC images)
š (graphic design)
š (photo editing)
If you’ve used other tools you’d like to recommend, please add links to them in the comments below. Thanks!