Promote-ContentThe content in this module corresponds to the Plot section of your Biz Story Framework. The videos below run approx 3 hours. You can stop and start them as needed.

Your Test Kitchen mission:

  • Identify 3 places where your content creation habits could stand improvement.
  • Identify 1 topic you could develop that would further your biz goals (your Content Strategy for the next quarter should help with this).
  • Identify 1 accountability partner and set up a schedule to work with them.
  • Identify any missing tools (and get them!)
  • Write the blog post. Make sure it addresses the above criteria; share a draft of your post with your buddy for feedback. Then send me a link to the published post, and I’ll share it on social media for you.

For additional review, download the slides and/or the audio.



šDragon Naturally Speaking
š (to share drafts with a buddy)
š (free CC images)
š (graphic design)
š (photo editing)

If you’ve used other tools you’d like to recommend, please add links to them in the comments below. Thanks!

For further study, see items posted in our Content Strategy Forum.


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