Review the recording below…

Your Mission:

  1. Mindmap/brainstorm content topics for the next 6 months. Share your topics with us in an outline/calendar.
  2. Indicate how these topics support your biz/revenue goals.
  3. Indicate what format you’ll use and why.
  4. Indicate how often you’ll publish.
  5. Indicate what you’ll repurpose, if anything.
  6. Identify what you need to obtain to succeed (new resources, skills, mindset, etc.)

Post your answers the Content Strategy Forum no later than Noon, Friday, February 20th (Pacific Time).

All those who meet the deadline will receive a $5 Amazon Gift Card PLUS be entered to win a free line-by-line review (with suggested edits) of a blog post.

Remember: Use our Facebook group to get as much feedback and brainstorming help as you can.

For additional review, download the slides: B&L – Nourish – Content Strategy.

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