First, watch this month’s Brunch & Learn recording:

Your Test Kitchen mission:

  • Do an inventory of your assets (see Week 1 of the Find Your Secret Sauce course on ruzuku for help, if needed)
  • Find the best THREE to incorporate into your branding — one being a weakness or a quirk, the other two being neutral or positive
  • Modify your About Page so that these are highlighted in some way¬†
  • Come up with THREE social media posts (tweets or status updates) that illustrate these bits of you.
  • Post your results (a link to your About page + the text of your social media posts) in the Forum under the Branding Topic no later than Monday, August 19th at noon, Pacific.
  • NOTE: If you get stuck or you’d like help from the group brainstorming any of your items, please post them in the Facebook group before the 19th.

For additional review, download the slides and/or the audio.